Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abby Zimnet, "Hungry In America"

 "Hungry In America"
by Abby Zimnet
“Just back from a food distribution in our neighborhood. About 200 people were expected. Over 600 turned up. Black, white, young, old, thin, fat, surly, gracious, families, very alone. Despite the truckloads of food, we ran out; in the end, people stood in line mournfully eyeing the last canned dregs and dented cereal boxes, trying to decide if it was worth it. Maine is poor, but our county isn't. Yet there are 49 food pantries and soup kitchens here. The head of Viacom should go help at one. They're everywhere in the country: here, here, here. Go, give, help, count your blessings.”

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