Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review: Michael Taylor, "A New Conversation With Men"

 Book Review:
Michael Taylor, "A New Conversation With Men"
by CoyotePrime

Michael Taylor’s book “A New Conversation With Men” opens the introduction with the following, “It is my fervent belief that men are frustrated, tired and hungry. They are frustrated because they are trapped in an old paradigm that no longer works. They are frustrated because they are searching for new and better ways to exist as a man yet they have failed in this search. They don’t know where to turn, and they are becoming desperate for a new way of being and relating as a man.

They are tired of watching their families fall apart, their health deteriorate, and their wallets be emptied by divorce, materialism, and senseless addictions that rob them of not only their money but their self esteem and dignity as well. They are tired of working at jobs that they hate just to try to keep up with the Joneses. They are tired of the emptiness and feeling of meaninglessness in their soul that tells them that there has to be another way to exist, yet they don’t know how to change. They are hungry for something new and different, and I believe that something different is ‘A New Conversation with Men.’”

At a time when our society is in crisis from many sources- economically, spiritually, interpersonally- it’s wonderful to see such a practical, useful and relevant guide to achieving real happiness and fulfillment appear. Semi-autobiographical in nature, Mr. Taylor’s book superbly illustrates the real-life process of recognizing and coping successfully with the emotional emptiness and dissatisfaction so common today. Though geared primarily towards men- a much neglected segment of our population, primarily due to male resistance to acknowledge their own needs and emotions- the books lessons apply to all, and women will benefit equally from these invaluable lessons in living. We are led step by step through these pages to an understanding of what so many of us, should we dare to admit it, are really missing in our lives. We learn that connecting with our true feelings, defining what we really want and need, and pursuing those goals, are the way to achieve a richly fulfilling life, instead of the “good enough” so many of us have complacently accepted.

This is far more than a “self-help” book, this is a guide to actually living the life you may have only dreamt of, having the real happiness you’ve always needed and deserved, but never had. For those ready for something new and different, a happier and fulfilling life, but not knowing where to turn, look no further than Michael Taylor’s exceptional guide, “A New Converstion With Men.” Not just for men, this book is for anyone wanting to live a happier life. My highest recommendation.
“A New Conversation With Men” by Michael Taylor, Published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore
A comment: This is an uncompensated review, per my policy of no ads, banners, popups or commercial endorsements of any kind. We'll never sell out or be bribed into advertising. Very rarely I run across something that really is important enough to review or gently endorse. This book is one of those things. I believe in Michael Taylor and his book; you should too. - CP


  1. CP: Thanks for this superb review of what I believe is a book that can change lives. It seems time for men to come into their own: Their feelings, their sensitivities, their deep emotions, their right relationship to their Inner Female as well as to the women in their lives. Coach Michael Taylor is an excellent spokesman for what we might call A New Bill of Rights for Men, and his work in empowering men comes at a time when we need a global shift in the way men relate to the world, to others, and to themselves. Bravo! AJN

  2. So very well put, alex noble. Thanks for your comment, and the invaluable support you provide.