Friday, April 22, 2011

Civil Liberties: "What If There Is No Tomorrow?"

"What If There Is No Tomorrow?"
by Kurt Osterhoff

"Well, what if there is no tomorrow? What if the legal groundwork for our permanent police state, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 are here to stay? What if torture is now the accepted norm? What if the NSA’s expanded domestic spying program is for keeps? What if the fully operational Rex-84 network of high capacity detention camps spread across the nation is permanent? What if Posse Comitatus remains effectively dormant? What if our quietly dismantled Bill of Rights is no more? What if the growing number of civilian deaths caused by our military only continues to climb? What if our massive troop deployment to the Middle East and Afghanistan, like our phony wars on drugs and terror, goes on without end? And what if our two party system of representative democracy is in fact little more than an interminable, illusory puppet show orchestrated from behind the scenes by powers unaccountable?

Has Orwell’s 1984 become our infinitely looping Groundhog Day? Is this our inescapable fate? Perhaps so, but recall how early on the fate of Bill Murray’s character (weatherman, Phil Connors) appeared sealed and inescapable too. Remember also that somewhere along the way he had an epiphany, after which he got smart, got busy, got the girl, and broke free of the time loop.

Do “we the people” dare dream to do the same? Could we experience an awakening, our own collective epiphany of sorts, and then set about breaking free from this national Orwellian Groundhog Day nightmare? To contemplate the alternative is to see the answer: we must break free of it.

So what goes into the making of a contemporary American revolutionary? What turns an ordinary law abiding, relatively sedate and insular, American Idol watching couch potato into an informed and committed citizen prepared to incur risk and make meaningful prolonged personal sacrifice aimed at reclaiming our country? Two things: truth and suffering.

According to a New Mexico State University affiliated news service, Frontera Norte Sur (an on-line provider of US-Mexico border news) there is reason to believe a steadily growing money stream is, for the first time ever, flowing north from Mexico into the US, sent by the relatives of un- and underemployed immigrants. If this is true, surely we needn’t wonder whether real suffering (the longstanding hardship of Mexican immigrants notwithstanding) via our engineered economic tailspin has begun; likewise, anyone with internet access and the inclination to do research can readily confirm the dissemination of important truths inexorably linked to our burgeoning national impoverishment is also underway.

Well then, if we have these essential elements of truth and suffering, why is there still no large, forceful, coherent, and well organized body of popular grassroots resistance in the US? The main reason is simply that the requisite deep suffering and penetrating hard truths are not yet sufficiently widespread. Another reason is the extensive dumbing down of our society, along with the non-stop lies and propaganda spoon fed us daily by mainstream corporate media. Also there’s the ever present fear created by our government, using both rhetoric and legislation designed to consistently reinforce the clear threat so plainly put to us in the wake of 9-11 by George W. Bush: “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

In any case, with our upward spiraling national debt, exploding unemployment, and massive war related economic hemorrhaging, all continuing unabated under Obama and our wholly owned Congress, the furtherance of expanded suffering is a foregone conclusion. It will be left to the small but growing numbers of would-be resisters and truth-tellers (citizens Big Brother will vilify as home-grown terrorists) to advance the spread of truth."

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