Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guy McPherson, “Quickening”

by Guy McPherson

“In the United States, various states offer glimpses into the future of industrial economies. Wisconsin is filling the mainstream media outlets, but California really leads the way. In the latter state, the lights have gone out and the water has been turned off for a significant number of people. Those events are coming to the whole country, and a lot sooner than most people realize. Nobody thought a first-world, industrialized nation such as Argentina would implode, either. Until it did, quite rapidly, a decade ago. And no wonder: All police states fail.

The U.S. will prove no exception to the rule of police states that fail. If unrest spreads to Saudi Arabia, it’s game over for the world’s industrialized countries (and therefore a whole new, better ballgame for life on Earth). Here’s hoping.

Economic hit-man John Perkins points out the obvious: Corporations, not nations, run the world. Maintaining American Empire as a corporate state requires obedience at home and oppression abroad. Oh, and we’re headed for complete economic collapse whether or not you continue to act as slave to the fascistic monsters in charge. Even as corporations are worried about their ability to maintain supply chains to keep you fed and filled with toys, they continue to find novel ways to take money from your wallet. Consider, for example, your tax dollars going directly from Freddie and Fannie to Wall Street in the perfect bailout for the banks. On the other hand, Obama is promising to cut the budget significantly. But the deficit comprises a larger share of the industrial economy than any time since 1945, and Obama’s response is to continue along the same path and lie about it.

Sadly, many Americans believe Obama about his many promises, even gulping down the Kool-Aid of his surreal budget projections. For most Americans, soaring rhetoric beats the truth every time. Despite Obama’s frequent expressions of love for the free market, it’s pretty clear the government is manipulating the stock markets. After campaigning on the promise to close Guantanamo Bay, Obama is expanding it. And so on, until it becomes impossible to keep up with the never-ending string of lies emanating from our elected officials. Along with his other transgressions, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has become arms dealer for the world. In short, hope and change is not working out for the average American, leading Mike Whitney to suggest we trade Obama for Hugo Chavez. That’s a great idea, but I doubt the Venezuelan people would go along with it.

Resistance is fertile. If you’re unwilling to take resistance seriously, you can start by planting a garden. Never mind the old adage, “who feeds you, owns you.” You’ll need the garden to survive. As you plant, grow, share the harvest, and improve the soil, it should become clear that your garden is a metaphor for life. You’ll want to tend your relationships as you tend your garden.

I suggest you start today. Even if the ongoing collapse of the industrial economy is not complete for another three years — which seems inconceivable in light of the steadily rising pace of events, including the accelerating decline of the U.S. dollar — it’ll take time to prepare for a bountiful future. As I’ve indicated many times, the time to dig a well is not when you’re thirsty, the time to plant a garden is not when you’re hungry, and the time to build shelter against the storm is not when it’s sleeting."

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