Saturday, April 16, 2011

“'Impact: Earth!' Asteroid, Comet and Damage Simulation Website”

“'Impact: Earth!' 
Asteroid, Comet and Damage Simulation Website”

“Purdue University has created "Impact: Earth!," a website where anyone can see the simulated effects when a comet or asteroid of variable size, density, and speed hits Earth. Many people believe that asteroid and comet impacts have played a major role in the history of Earth, and Purdue has provided us with an inside look at how previous impacts might affect us today.

The Interactive website is said to be scientifically accurate enough to be used by many different branches of the government including NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. It is also user-friendly and visual enough to be used by schools as an interactive teaching aid for elementary students. This adds a possible new and exciting way for kids to be physically hands on and learn about the earth and how impacts might affect us.

The "Impact: Earth!" simulation and report were written by Gareth Collins, H. Jay Melosh and Robert Marcus, all experts in various fields. They go on to say "There have been big impacts in the past, and we expect big impacts in the future. This site gives the lowdown on what happens when such an impact occurs." The team has also answered requests and factored in Tsunamis brought on by impacting comets or asteroids. There are also plans in the works to connect the program with Google Earth to show a map of the effects.”

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