Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Old Chief"

"The chief was very old, and had seen many things, which was why the men from the Bureau of Indian Affairs approached him. They were curious about something. “Chief, you’ve seen the progress the white man has made, all the technology, the great cities, all the things we’ve done. What do you think of it all?” The old man looked at them for awhile, then replied, ”Before the white man came we had no taxes, no bills. Women did all the work. Medicine man was free. Food was plentiful. Indian men hunted and fished all day, and made love all night. Only the white man is stupid enough to think he could improve on that.”
- Author Unknown  ;-)


  1. ...everything except the part about "women did all the work."

  2. LOL, I was waiting for that, Karen! Yeah, I don't think that idea works too well these days...

    Thanks, R. Jacob and Karen Martin Sampson for stopping by and commenting, always good to see you.