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Speculative Analysis: "Who Is the Supreme Leader of Humanity?"

"Who Is the Supreme Leader of Humanity?"
by FSK

"Who's the richest man in the world? Your first guess is wrong. It's not Bill Gates, or anyone else whose name you'll ever hear mentioned in the news. The leaders of the international banking cartel have wealth far beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Some sources list it at $300 trillion.* Many of their businesses are privately held, which means that it would be hard to value them. With anonymous corporate ownership, it's hard to tell what their shareholdings are. Their private businesses are held in trusts that provide anonymity and tax protection. Plus, the international banking cartel doesn't just control businesses. They have their own spy networks and control governments. They have completely infiltrated most world governments. How would you place a market value on complete control of the US government? How would you place a market value on control of people via educational systems and the media?

The international banking cartel has a policy of intermarriage with relatives. This ensures that their wealth is not diluted. There are probably 50-100 insiders who have nearly full knowledge of the operations, all of them related to one another. They are able to keep their activities a secret, because the members would be killed if they defected. Every member is probably under constant surveillance by all other members; he couldn't effectively defect even if he wanted to. This group of 50-100 insiders probably elect someone as their leader. Democracy is effective when everyone knows everyone else. On a scale of 50-100 people, it's possible for the leader to keep track of everything, and for everyone else to keep track of the leader.

So that's the richest man in the world. He's the Supreme Leader of Humanity, and knows it. His net worth is effectively the value of the entire world's economy. His organization has been using the Compound Interest Paradox for hundreds of years, enabling him to steal almost all of the world's wealth. Most of the real work is delegated to outsiders. The outsiders are even deluded into thinking they have real power and influence. Just like several different layers of holding companies disguise corporate ownership, they have several different layers of secret societies to disguise the real power. Each layer gets power and privileges denied to lower layers. Each member is threatened with being killed or expelled if they reveal their secrets. That's how they disguise their power.

Most people are trained to believe that if you want power and influence, you need to be on television and in newspapers. It's much better to be the person who controls television and newspapers. It's better to be able to choose who the official rulers are. If your power is publicly known, then you're the target. The Supreme Leader of Humanity knows better than to announce his existence on television. Everyone would revolt against him if they figured out what was going on.

Besides, can you really blame the Supreme Leader of Humanity? After all, if he didn't do it, someone else would have instead. It's better to be the ruler than the slave. On the other hand, he has full awareness of all the things that his organization has done. He conditions other people to believe these things are bad, but he has no morals of that sort. His only goal is the accumulation of power.

What are the Supreme Leader of Humanity's crimes? He has kept people poor, so they would be obedient workers. Poor people have no choice but to take a pointless time-wasting job. He has kept people poor, to prevent them from having the spare time to detect his existence and oppose him. He has stolen all of the productivity gains of a growing economy, and kept them for himself. He has orchestrated wars. War destroys surplus productive capacity, and helps keep people poor. War is an excuse for governments to seize more power. War helps distract attention from himself. War is an excuse for governments to take on debt, allowing the Compound Interest Paradox to help him steal more wealth. He has retarded scientific progress. His inner circle possesses inventions that are 50-100 years more advanced than what the average person possesses. Most scientific research is funded by the government. By infiltrating the government, he can decide what discoveries the public is allowed to have.

In every war for the past 300 years, he has secretly funded both sides. He has supported the USA, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, al Qaeda, and every other major world power. Whenever a leader gets wise to his manipulations, that leader is assassinated or defeated. He has made sure that there were variations in religion, and that people could be made to fight each other based on their religion. He has agents working in every world government. He has made sure that people are taught lies. He and his inner circle know the real truth, not the lies that are spread to the average person. That makes it easier for his inner circle to operate efficiently, because they are not encumbered with the false knowledge everyone else has.

He has made sure that everyone else has been taught morality and religion. He knows that they are just lies that make people more obedient slaves. (On the other hand, I disagree with The Supreme Leader of Humanity on this point. I think there is some intrinsic truth to morality. The accumulation of power is not the only goal that matters. Unfortunately, in a battle between someone who only cares about power and someone who values other things as well, the person who only cares about power usually wins. The only reason that evil might lose is because evil is inefficient.)

He controls all television and newspapers. That raises an interesting question. Why has he allowed the Internet to exist? Surely he could have crushed it as it was being created, when only military researchers used it. He could have destroyed it through excessive regulation. Did he intentionally leak the secret of the transistor and the Internet? What was the purpose of that?

What's left for the Supreme Leader of Humanity to accomplish? What is there left for The Supreme Leader of Humanity to do? Is he completely and utterly insane? Is he bored? He doesn't view himself as a benevolent ruler. He knows that he's responsible for all the world's suffering. He has complete and absolute power. What else is there for him to do? Does he want to resign? Maybe he would be willing to do so, if only he could be convinced that someone else would not replace him. Maybe he's looking for a political and economic system that doesn't require a Supreme Leader in order to be stable. If he started dismantling his population control engine, his subordinates would be reluctant to give up their perks and privileged status. He can't publicly admit the truth, because his inner circle would kill him if he tried.

Doesn't he realize that his complete and total victory is the end of history? It's the end of all social progress and scientific progress. Nothing can happen, except in accordance with his plan. His victory is the effective extinction of humanity. Has this story been repeated on every other world where intelligent life develops? Someone seizes absolute control and brings scientific progress to a halt. Is that the reason why intelligent life has not been discovered on other worlds?

Is my analysis correct? Does it matter? Is it possible that I misanalyzed things? Maybe the Supreme Leader of Humanity doesn't exist. Maybe there really are different groups competing with each other sincerely, rather than it being staged competition. Certainly, it seems like there's a malevolent force controlling everything. It's too well organized to be random. There are too many sensible rumors floating around for them to all be wrong. You have to acknowledge that several secret groups exist. With several different competing secret groups, wouldn't it be natural for one group to win eventually? Has this group been in complete control for over 100 years?

It's impossible to be convinced one way or the other. Does the Supreme Leader of Humanity exist? I'm concerned that he might exist. What does he want? What is his purpose? He already has absolute power. He has technology far more advanced than what the average person knows about. What else can someone with absolute power want? In a certain sense, it doesn't matter if the Supreme Leader of Humanity exists or not. There certainly are a lot of bad things happening. There needs to be an alternate mechanism for enabling people to work effectively."

* Numerous unverifiable sources. Example:

Hint: Follow the money: "The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international organization of central banks which "fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks." It is not accountable to any national government. The BIS carries out its work through subcommittees, the secretariats it hosts, and through its annual General Meeting of all members. It also provides banking services, but only to central banks, or to international organizations like itself. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the BIS was established by the Hague agreements of 1930. The name of the BIS in German: Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich (BIZ), in French: Banque des Reglements Internationaux (BRI), in Italian: Banca dei Regolamenti Internazionali (BRI). It has representative offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City."**

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