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"Why Does the Government Need 350,934 Detainee Handbooks By April 29?"

"Why Does the Government Need 350,934 
Detainee Handbooks By April 29?"

 "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression.
In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains
seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must
be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become
unwitting victims of the darkness."

- Justice William O. Douglas

"This is a very interesting development in the creeping Police State that is the United States Federal Government, as this indicates there will be at least 350,000 detainees who have not been detained before in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainment center. Who are these 350,000 people? Why do they need them so fast? The order says that all of the handbooks must be delivered by April 29th, 2011. Yes, you read that right.

This bid offer was posted today on the US GPO website earlier today, April 19th, 2011, and now it is already taken down. Is this because the internet swarmed with posts about this requisition? Or is it completely innocent and it was taken down because they obtained an acceptable bid? Saying either is correct would be pure speculation, so you are welcome to come to your own decision on this subject and leave a comment with your thoughts.”

Now, what is the Detainee Handbook you say? Well as always, we want you to come to your own informed decision, unlike the corporate special interest media who will feed you lies and tell you it is infallible fact. Therefore, I have also hosted the 2007 edition of the ICE Detainee Handbook here so you can read it and come to your own conclusion. For some background, this is the document they hand detainees as they enter the facility, forcing you to sign a paper that acknowledges you understand the rules, regulations, and (lack of) rights you have in the detainment facility. Let me be clear in saying this: if this is an indicator of times to come, do not, I repeat, do not sign any forms which waive your rights. In signing a document acknowledging that you accept and understand the illegal stripping away of your God-given inalienable rights and thus do not object. It would be pretty hard to fight an internment when you sign a piece of paper that essentially says, “yes, I understand why I’m interred and accept it and will follow all rules and regulations.” Therefore, I would recommend that our readers never, under any circumstances, waive their rights, especially in a detainment situation! Enough ranting from me, read the document yourself, but keep in mind that this is an outdated handbook and it is very likely that there have been some major changes made."
- http://endthelie.com/

Hat tip to Alex Noble for this material.
Update: "U.S. Government Printing Office deletes Solicitation Page and “Jacket Number” specification document. I thought that might happen, but not after just a few minutes. So:

Click image for larger sizes.

Here’s a graphic of www.gpo.gov/gpo/bidopps/bidopps.action?region=chicago before it was taken down: “GPO Solicitation for Hundreds of Thousands of National Detainee Handbooks Needed by 29 April.” It’s also still visible in Google cache as of this writing. And here’s a Cryptogon mirror of the Jacket Number: 735-412/413 document. -End Update.

Ok, probably nothing, maybe something. The U.S. Government needs 350,934 National Detainee Handbooks printed by 29 April 2011. Here’s a 2007 English version of the National Detainee Handbook. I don’t know if that’s the same document as what has been ordered below. The GPO solicitation went out on 18 April and the handbooks must be delivered by 29 April. Is eleven days a short time for something like this? I have no idea, but clicking on “Jacket Number: 735-412/413” brings up a specification document, which states the following:

    "Notify Ron Boyum at 312-353-3916 x 17 or at rboyum@gpo.gov of the delivery status in the morning 2 days prior to the first shipment to meet the at destination delivery date. [sic]

    This is a time-critical order. For the purpose of this contract, the provision in GPO Contract Terms Pub. 310.2 (Rev. 6-01) for schedule extensions does not apply. No automatic extensions of schedules will be made. All interested contractors must commit to the original schedule. Shipments must be made by a carrier that will guarantee delivery at destination within the specified schedule. Carrier’s “targets” in lieu of “guaranteed” deliveries will not be acceptable."

They seem pretty serious about needing the handbooks by 29 April.

Via: U.S. Government Printing Office:
Jacket Number: 735-412/413
Bid Opening Date: 10:00 AM, PREVAILING CHICAGO, IL TIME, ON April 18, 2011.
Product: Paste-on-fold (self cover) Pamphlets (Spanish and English Versions).
Title: 735-412: National Detainee Handbook: Spanish 735-413:
National Detainee Handbook: English Quantity: 735-412: 221,367 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples) 735-413: 129,567 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples)
Ship/Deliver Date: MUST deliver complete on or before April 29 D, 2011."
Hat tip to RealityZone for this material.
So, what do we have here? Is this a "change in the air" that we'd better be aware of? Questions, questions... why the rush for in-hand finished product by April 29? What's the significance of April 29? Are these Handbooks intended for foreign or domestic use? Note the large number of Handbooks in Spanish. Why this amount of Handbooks, unless that's how many people are on a list somewhere? Who are these people- me, you, your neighbor? Who would be the detaining authority- police, military, Federal law enforcement? Where would these people be detained- the obvious answer is the 800 FEMA detention facilities all over the country. Questions, questions... - CP

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