Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Economy: “The Great American Apocalypse”

“The Great American Apocalypse”
by Gary Gibson and Mike Larson

“I’ve just come across a disturbing, new report from my colleague Dr. Martin Weiss. It says everything in your life could change radically sooner than you think – as Washington’s massive debts implode, and as the dollar plunges in value worldwide. He believes millions of Americans are about to lose their income, their savings, their buying power, their homes. In this free report, Dr. Weiss details the crucial steps he believes you should take to protect yourself and your family as this Great American Apocalypse unfolds. I urge you to take a look while there’s still time."

Gary Gibson
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

"Mike Larson: It’s unfolding just like we told you it would in our “American Apocalypse” video... Already, S&P has warned that U.S. debt is so shaky — and our leaders are so helpless when it comes to cutting spending and deficits — it has cut its outlook to NEGATIVE. In plain English, S&P may soon have to officially DOWNGRADE our nation’s credit rating! Here’s what this bolt out of the blue means to you — and what you must do now to insulate your wealth AND YOUR FAMILY as this great economic cataclysm unfolds ...

It’s almost over — are you ready? When the world’s investors stop loaning America money, the entire façade of recovery that Washington has created comes crashing down. The bond market craters. Interest rates explode. The dollar goes into free fall. Your cost of living explodes. And America is unceremoniously replaced as the world’s leading economic power.

Recently, our country took a step in that direction: Standard & Poor's downgraded the outlook for United States government debt to negative. Almost immediately, gold exploded to just under $1,500 per ounce — another all-time record high. Silver skyrocketed, too — shooting up to over $43 per ounce — just an eyelash short of its all-time high. And the action has only INTENSIFIED since!

The key reason: S&P’s announcement that it had turned negative on U.S. government debt. In Standard  & Poor’s credit analyst Nikola Swan’s own words: “More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, U.S. policymakers have still not agreed on how to reverse recent fiscal deterioration or address longer-term fiscal pressures.” We saw this coming. On May 10, 2010 — nearly a full year ago — our company’s founder, Dr. Martin D. Weiss, issued a major release challenging S&P, Moody’s and AM Best to tell the truth about U.S. government debt; to give it the rating it deserves: To issue an immediate DOWNGRADE. So far, all three of the major ratings agencies have been too gutless to even respond to his challenge. S&P’s announcement is a step in the right direction — but still falls far short of what’s needed to warn investors about the true dangers in U.S. government debt. We also saw this coming when we produced “American Apocalypse” — our new video we created to help you protect your family and your wealth. If you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself and your family to do so immediately."
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