Friday, May 27, 2011

“Flourishing in Crisis”

“Flourishing in Crisis”
by JGrace

“Now is the moment to start. Imagine a pathway through the thick underbrush of world events and manipulations where we, the loving inhabitants, the good, the decent, those with conscience, vision, hope and longing can come together in a dialogue of honest evaluation, fearless in facing what is happening. Once we understand what is taking place on earth, and lose the last of our illusions, real adult dream-building can begin. Let us hold hands to have the strength to get past our denial, fears, anger, blame, grieving in a world that is seemingly falling apart. Imagine that we can flourish. Now in a world full of less, perhaps we can experience more of the best in us, the fulfillment of what we were each created for. Here your dreams are welcomed, your ideas are allowed to develop. Our friendship and harmony will sustain us. I am with you in this process.”

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