Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Daily Dose of Horror"

Inspired by my friend Argentum Vulgaris, today we begin a new daily feature for your masochistic pleasure and convenience. Why should I alone have all this fun? These primarily economic articles are factual, informative, and all “oh-my-God-I-don’t want-to hear-this stuff” material. Proceed at your own peril... - CP
“U.S. Debt Default: ‘Frightening,’ ‘Huge Panic Globally,’” by Barracuda,_Huge_Panic_Globally.html

“Death By Debt,” by Chris Martenson

“Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case,” by Doug Casey

“United States on the Road to Ruin, Your Trigger Points,” by Gary North

“Third World America 2011, We've Arrived,” by Janet Tavakoli

“Fiat Currency Economic Death Spiral Has Been Triggered,”by Gordon T. Long

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  1. I am honoured...

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