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"'Mysterious Disappearance' Of The Iroquois People"

"'Mysterious Disappearance' Of The Iroquois People"
by Indian Behind a Tree

“On November 7, 2006, the Iroquois learned that there was a new exhibit on display at the Calliere Museum in Montreal, Quebec, and decided to go and look it over. The exhibit was about the "Mysterious Disappearance of the St. Lawrence Valley Iroquois." In a mystery befitting the talents of the Scooby Doo Mystery Wagon, it was curious as to how the colonials got the idea that the Iroquois had disappeared. The exhibit was a reminder of their terrorist death threats, like the residential schools where the children were told that their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers were going to die out.

The banner hung over the entrance indicated sponsorship by provincial, national, and international corporations. When the People arrived, the museum treated them as univited guests instead of welcoming them as the "long lost Iroquois." The ticket wicket attendant told the People that they had to pay $12.00 each to attend their wake. The People suggested that since they had disappeared and were now spirits, they should get in for free. The attendant suddenly started to speak only French, so the People began to speak Mohawk to the attendant, who got real red in the face and started punching on the cash register. The People finally decided to pay this extortionist, and walked into the museum. What the People saw on the second floor was a gross misrepresentation of the Iroquois People, just another example of the colonialist's revised history.

Among the corporate supporters and financiers of this revisionist history exhibit were/are the National Archives of Canada, the Birmingham Public Library, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Quebec Conservation Department, the National Archives of France, the National Capital Commission of Quebec, the Gilcrease Museum of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Huntingdon Library of San Marino, California, the Jefferson County Historical Society of Watertown, New York, the McCord Museum of Montreal, the McGill University of Montreal, the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, the Botanical Gardens of Montreal, the Quebec Museum of Civilization, the National Science Foundation of Arlington, Virginia, the New York State Museum in Albany, the Point-de-Buisson Archaeological Park, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the British Museum, the University of Montreal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., and NASA.

The People decided to hold a council to talk about why NASA was a sponsor. It was decided that NASA thought that the People came from outer space with Plan 9, or perhaps it was because it was where NASA wished to send them.

The museum said that they had spoken on the phone to a young man in Kahnawake about the exhibit. The phone call must have been covered by their budget because it was not long distance. The colonials did not bother to travel to Kahnawake, Kanehesatake, or Akwesasne, to ask the People because they had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. The museum tour guide told the People that they were "different Iroquois" and that the colonial scientists have archaeological evidence that proves their claims.

Well, there it is, the colonial mindset. Even though the People had vanished, their traditions are carried on by their "descendants." The Iroquois were there in 1535 when Cartier visited Hochelaga, or what the colonials call Mount Royal. During his sojourn, Cartier set up a European town square with avenues, streets, street signs, and longhouses. Cartier also built a residence for a shaman who was to live apart from the "mere mortals."

When Cartier arrived on his second visit, he "discovered" that the Iroquois had moved out of the area and that the land was empty and ripe for the thieving. The colonials had no understanding that the Iroquois had relations around the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Valley, New York State, and other places. The People loved to travel and visit with their relatives. The Iroquois would move to other other areas on a regular basis, following the cycles of seasons, and to allow the ground and animals to recover, and when they returned the balance had been restored.

The Iroquois did not use potassium nitrate or other chemicals to "re-nourish" the ground. The colonials wiped out Tatanka and other four-leggeds to institute their agriculture which is destroying the land, water, and air. The "civilized" European christians marched westward to fulfill their "manifest destiny" - ruthlessly murdering Indigenous peoples in their advance and covering the ground over with their buildings, asphalt concrete, and their industries, which has destroyed the once beautiful Turtle Island and created their wasicu shadow world nightmare.

The Iroquois were there in 1607 when Champlain and other colonists arrived. The colonists pretended that the Iroquois were not there. They lied to themselves about lying to the Iroquois, like saying the People were wiped out by a mini ice age around 1450, or that inter-tribal warfare had killed them off, or that the Iroquois had perished by the ravages of diseases. The colonists theorized this because the Iroquois built "defense palisades" around their villages. They had no understanding that the People grew herbs around their longhouses, and the fences were built to keep out rodents, rabbits, and deer who might want to browse on them. The Iroquois had lived in peace for three thousand years before the colonists brought their incessant warfare to Turtle Island.

In their brochures and texts, the colonials used terms like "appeared", "might have", "may be", "probably", and "it would appear" to validate their claims that the land was theirs for the thieving because no Iroquois were living there. This is no surprise because the colonists have no respect for the land. Perhaps the Iroquois came out from under the rocks when the wasicu were not looking.

One of the museum's exhibits, called "To Pop or Not To Pop" was about pop corn, corn soup, and the cooking skills of the Iroquois. There was no mention of the "Three Sisters", Corn, Beans, and Squash, which helped the Iroquois live a healthy life. The Iroquois living around the Bay of Gaspe and elsewhere knew that they were given these gifts at the beginning of the original dream.

The colonists claimed that growing corn, beans, and squash had convinced the Iroquois to give up their hunting-gathering lifestyles and to adopt colonial agricultural practices. Many of the items the museum had on display were small pieces of pots, pipes, and other things, which were kept under glass with texts written in French and English. Nothing written in the Mohawk language. Since the Iroquois had disappeared, the colonials theorized that the Mohawk language was not relevant.

Among the misleading information perpetrated by the colonists was that the Clan Mothers selected the chiefs and led the families. Unlike the colonials, who are ruled by the centralized authority (democracy) of the government, the Iroquois People tell the chiefs and clan mothers what to say and do. The People have the power, and this is something the colonialists are unable to comprehend.

The colonials assume that the Iroquois believe in their religion and god when they refer to the "Creator." The understanding of the Iroquois (and other Indigenous Peoples) is based on their knowledge of the natural world. Gariwiio is the perfect reality which is nature. The kasatstenera kowa sa oiera is the great natural power which they can see and know exists. They have many symbols for the stories that have been passed down to remind them of their history.

The colonials reduce our world to the narrowness of making tobacco offerings, sacrificing dogs, and eating dogs. In spite of what the colonial priests claim, we did not use shamans to contact "evil, demonic forces." Our relationships were made out of respect for the natural world, and we developed our awareness individually.

Shamans did not suck out illnesses or demons from people. There was no evil christian Satan, because everything was a part of the natural equilibrium. The Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, Australia, Hawaii, Africa, Asia, and the pre-christian tribes of Europe had/have no concept of hell or satan. This is a fable created by the priests of the ruling elite of the church-state to keep the weeping masses on their bloody knees in "repentant terror" while they walked away with all of the marbles.

The colonials claim that shamans would stare into the fire, go into a trance, start chanting and dancing, or fasting before sitting in a sweat lodge. The Iroquois did not have shamans or sweat lodges. What is this? Probably one of those phony, government funded Indian Affairs healing programs meant to appease and pacify us.

The colonials said that the Indians are addicted to gambling. That must be why they build all of their casinos, just for us. Wow, that's mighty white of them. However, the Iroquois had a peach pit game in a wooden bowl that was played by the clans to determine who would win the gifts and do all the work until the next gathering.

The colonialists said that there was no evidence the Iroquois ever played lacrosse, and claimed the game as a Canadian invented sport. Just like they did for hockey... the word hockey comes from the expression "a-kee", which means "ouch", whenever players were hit with sticks.

The colonials were horrified of Indian "fashion", saying that we ran around naked, except in the cold when small skins were used to cover the genitals. We always ran around totally naked, but we began to cover ourselves when the colonial perverts arrived.

This museum exhibition is completely pathetic. They claim that "wampum' was precious Iroquois money, when in reality the wampum belt was sacred and used in certain ceremonies. The colonialists blamed the People for their smoking habits, and say we smoke like chimneys just like they do. The Iroquois did not smoke for pleasure, tobacco was used for ceremonial purposes. It is the colonials who drive to our reserves to buy lower-priced native cigarettes, appearing paler than usual in desperate anticipation of their next nicotine fix. The colonials claim that tobacco did not appear in the "new world" until 800 AD and not in Montreal until 1300. They say they have proof of this because of the pipes they found dating from that time. Perhaps it was "written" on a pipe stem they "found."

The colonials say that Iroquois women were industrious, but the men were shiftless and lazy. They call Indians "nomadic" but what do the colonials know? The colonial men hung around with the naked Indian women while the men were out hunting or trading.

The colonials have a new archaeological dig at Cap Rouge - the remains of the first French settlement, built in 1541 at the orders of the King of France. In 2008, the colonials can visit the museum to see the reproduction artifacts that will be on display to celebrate over 400 years of colonization.”
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