Sunday, June 5, 2011

"What is DNA Tribes Genetic Ancestry Analysis?"

Long time readers know that there are no ads, banners, popups or commercial advertising or solicitation of any kind on this blog, and never will be. Occasionally I come across a commercial service I believe may be of general interest, and will post it. You're looking at one of those rarities. This is NOT a paid or compensated endorsement of their service, these folks don't even know about this post, it's merely an informational alert for those interested. If you do utilize this firm please send me feedback concerning the results and your level of satisfaction. - CP

“What is DNA Tribes Genetic Ancestry Analysis? DNA Tribes Genetic Ancestry Analysis is a service that uses genetic material inherited from both maternal and paternal ancestors to measure your genetic connections to individual ethnic groups and major world regions.  Your top ranked results indicate places where your blend of ancestry is most frequent and where your genetic ancestors left the strongest traces.

At DNA Tribes, our goal is to provide superior genetic analysis that is informative and enjoyable for our customers. To help us continually improve the quality of our service, DNA Tribes routinely invites our customers tosubmit their ratings and reviews of their testing experiences. Of customers who responded to our survey between January 2006 and January 2009, over 95% gave a positive rating of their experience with DNA Tribes. To get the most of your analysis, we recommend contacting us at with any questions about your testing. We are happy to provide follow up assistance in translating technical results into plain English terms to help you in your personal genetic ancestry research.”

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