Friday, November 16, 2012

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.16.12"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.16.12"
By Greg Hunter’s

"This week was dominated by news of former CIA Director General Petraeus’ affair that caused his abrupt resignation as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. This dwarfs the coverage of the 9/11/12 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, where our ambassador and three others were assassinated. Why did this happen? Were there warning signs? Many say yes. Why didn’t we try to help during the 9/11/12 attack that took place for more than 7 hours? Those are all questions that will be answered in closed door testimony in Congress with many who should have known we had a security problem in Libya. Petraeus testifies today. 

Hamas and Israel are nearing all-out war. This week, the Israeli military killed the top military leader in a Gaza missile strike. The Israelis are calling it “Operation Pillar of Defense.” Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza over the last several years.  srael is hitting Hamas targets by the hundreds in just the past few days. Hamas is retaliating by firing more rockets at Israel and said Israel has “opened the gates of Hell” with this latest military action. This is a very disturbing development as Iran backs Hamas. Now, Egypt is throwing its support behind Hamas in Gaza. It sure looks like a wider war is coming soon to the Middle East.

The stock market has been plummeting since President Obama won re-election. It’s down about 5% on fears Democrats and Republicans will not work out a deal to avoid the so-called “Fiscal Cliff.” Big tax increases and spending cuts will automatically take place if the two sides cannot reach a compromise.  

Have you heard about the Texas secession petition and others like it? There are many citizens so upset with the government that some want to break away from the U.S. I do not know if this will happen, but it sure is a barometer of how upset some folks are with how the Federal government is being run.

And speaking of Texas,Ron Paul gave his final speech to Congress this week, and he is stepping down after nearly two dozen years in office. One of his many quotes included, “All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state-and frequently their own wealth and power.”  Congressman Paul, you will be missed.  Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.”

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