Monday, January 6, 2014

"Major Fukushima Radiation Warning! LA Times Sounds Alarm: West Coast Update: Stop Eating Pacific Ocean Seafood Now!"

"Major Fukushima Radiation Warning! LA Times Sounds Alarm:
 West Coast Update: Stop Eating Pacific Ocean Seafood Now!"
By Live Free or Die

"The newly released video below from Low Carb Cory sounds a warning that this story at ENENews via the LA Times emphasizes, STOP EATING Pacific Ocean seafood! Low Carb Cory generally covers health & nutrition subjects but voices a loud alarm to his viewers that Fukushima is out of control and the entire Pacific Ocean food chain is suffering as a result with warnings this is just the tip of the iceberg. The ENENews story shares this dire warning from the L.A. Times.:

• Alarming West Coast sardine crash likely radiating through ecosystem; Experts warn marine mammals and seabirds are starving, may suffer for years to come; Boats return without a single fish —

• While the mainstream media has been slow to report on anything Fukushima related, Americans are quickly turning to the alternative media to get the information that we have not been getting from the corporate controlled media. The bullet points from the LA Times story themselves are alarming.:

• West Coast sardine crash could radiate throughout ecosystem.

• The biggest sardine crash in generations.

• Scientists say the effects are probably radiating throughout the ecosystem, starving brown pelicans, sea lions and other predators.

• Experts warn the West Coast’s marine mammals, seabirds and fishermen could suffer for years (How does this affect the rest of us?)

• The reason for the drop is unclear (Unclear? Are you kidding?)

• The decline is the steepest since the collapse of the sardine fishery in the mid-20th century.

• Their numbers are projected to keep sliding.

• The crash is raising alarm (Sure has taken a long time…)

• There is evidence some ocean predators are starving without sardines (What man does to the Earth he does to himself)

Scarcity of prey is the leading theory behind the 1,600 malnourished sea lion pups that washed up along beaches from Santa Barbara to San Diego in early 2013, said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist at the National Marine Fisheries Service.”

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  1. How about that bluefin auction?

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