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Greg Hunter,"Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.11.14"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.11.14"
By Greg Hunter’s 

This headline is only half right–“Putin turns up the heat in Ukraine.” It should read, Obama and Putin turn up the heat. I think this is the big story, and it is being underreported.  It has both financial and real war implications. Let’s start with what Russia is doing. It is now going to issue a new bond based in the yuan. Are you getting that? This is yet another move away from using the U.S. dollar to settle international trade. Russia is also hiking the price of natural gas to Ukraine by at least 50% in May. The Russian’s are going to want the cash for natural gas up front. Russia is warning of the dire debt crisis in Ukraine and how this could threaten Russian natural gas deliveries to the EU. I said it’s game on for financial war, and this is proof. Meanwhile, the U.S. is threatening more sanctions on Russia over the growing Ukraine crisis. On top of that, it is being reported by the AP, NATO’s top commander says he could start deploying U.S. troops in Eastern Europe to counter Russian military pressure put on Ukraine. There are negotiations next week between the U.S., EU, Russia and Ukraine. I hope these talks go well, but I can’t see how they can. Keep an eye on this crisis; it has global implications for continued financial war and a shooting war.  

Lois Lerner, the former IRS chief at the heart of the scandal targeting conservative groups such as the Tea Party, is now a target herself. House Republicans have sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department. The GOP wants Eric Holder to look into prosecuting her for criminal acts that go against basic First Amendment rights of the Constitution, among other allegations of criminal wrongdoing. The mainstream media (MSM) has largely ignored this story, but make no mistake, this is big. I think the MSM should be ashamed of themselves for not covering this. After all, this is a 1st Amendment issue, and every news organization should be doing all it can to protect this Constitutional right. If this was a Republican administration using the IRS to target liberal Democrats, I guarantee you they would be all over this non-stop, but they are not. This is why I say the MSM lies by omission. This story is not going away. There is much more than a “smidgeon” of evidence here. 

Yet, another phony headline about the “strength” of the U.S. economy. This is Wednesday of USA Today, and the next day there is this “Fed reassures on Low Rates.” If the economy is so strong, why are there 50 million people on food stamps? Why are nearly 100 million out of the work force? Why do we have phony accounting by FASB? Why is the Fed pumping out $55 billion a month to by bonds and holding interest rates to near 0%? It says here “Pleased investors send stocks higher.” Yes, and pleased heroin addicts are pleased to get another fix. My friend Gregory Mannarino at says, “This is desperation mode. This is how we know we are close to the end. It’s party over, but they are going to TRY to keep it going until after the November elections.” He’s not sure they can hold the market and the U.S. dollar both together, but time will tell.  

The head of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is stepping down. It is no surprise after the disastrous rollout of Obama Care. It’s not just the rollout that has most people angry at this law. We now know the overwhelming majority of people are paying way more and getting less. The MSM continues to soft-sell this huge disaster. You hear it’s a work in progress and this takes sacrifice. If this law was so great, why have all the delays and exemptions? Wait until all those delayed plans have to comply with the Obama Care mandate–you know, where you have to offer free abortions and all kinds of birth control and sex change operations. My favorite new feature: employees are taxed on the value of what their company pays for. That is going to be considered income. So, what you have coming is a big increase to your plan so it complies with what the government thinks everyone should have and a tax on top of that. It’s all enforced by the IRS, which I think is the sprinkles on top of the cake. 

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