Friday, April 4, 2014

Greg Hunter,“Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.4.14”

“Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.4.14”
By Greg Hunter’s 

“There may not be a shooting war between the U.S. and Russia, but the financial war is game on. Iran and Russia are in the process of sealing a deal where Iranian oil is going to be traded for goods. The deal is worth an estimated $20 billion (500,000 barrels a day is what the Iranians will be producing for this deal), but they are not trading in dollars. Why would Russia, the world leader in oil production, want more oil? Might Russia want to increase the selling of oil in non-dollar currencies? This is yet another dollar negative bit of news. Now, Russian lawmakers are openly calling for the end of trade for oil and natural gas in dollars. They call the USD “dirty” and “stained with blood.” Add up the recent trade deals with India and China and anyone using the dollar might be getting a little nervous. Last week, President Obama was in Saudi Arabia, and now he is considering arming Syrian rebels with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile. Of course, as many as half of the rebels are al-Qaeda linked, and the U.S.?  Is the U.S. desperate to keep Saudi Arabia selling oil in only U.S. dollars? 

As far as real war, both NATO and Russia have been building up their military around Ukraine. NATO just announced war games there this summer. So, Russian and U.S. troops could be just across the border from each other. Also, Russian troop strength was blown way out of proportion in the press. Now, we find out there is really only about 40,000 Russian troops on the Ukraine border instead of the 100,000 that was widely reported. In Eastern Europe, NATO is planning to beef up military cooperation in many countries there. Russia is calling this a treaty violation and is demanding answers for the escalation. Russia says this action is “unreasonable.” 

Things may start heating up in the Middle East again. The peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) appears to be finished. PA President Mahmoud Abbas says he will bypass the U.S. and Israelis and is going to try to gain statehood in the international community. This put the kibosh on the Israelis releasing more Palestinian prisoners as previously agreed. They have already released three batches of prisoners. Israel says it’s reneging on the fourth batch of prisoners because “no meaningful negotiations” have taken place since late last year. This move by the Palestinian Authority will, no doubt, heat things up in and around Israel. This is just in time for the famed Four Blood Moon cycle which begins on Passover. 

Fort Hood,Texas, has suffered another mass shooting. This time, it is not considered to be terrorism but a soldier who had a mental breakdown. This should be drawing attention to mental problems of soldiers returning home from our long wars. The VA estimates 22 suicides and suicide attempts among veterans and military family members happen every day. The VA says that estimate may be low. 

Finally, the Obama Administration is sounding the trumpet over reaching the 7 million goal for Obama Care sign-ups. The mainstream media (MSM) is omitting bad news about the ACA and highlighting the so-called good news. Check out this USA Today headline:  “Health care’s comeback kid.” These folks are delusional. So, all the lying to get this passed about keeping your doctor and health plan is OK—everything’s forgotten? The lies about saving $2,500 for most people when, in fact, the CBO says most people are going to pay more than $2,000 more in premiums. Let’s not forget the higher co-pays and deductibles for most people. Wait until the government taxes you on the portion of health care paid by your employer. That hasn’t kicked in yet. As far as those 7 million Obama Care signups are concerned, 6.2 million policies were cancelled. According to the White House, the number of people affected would only amount to 5% of the U.S. population. That’s 15 million people negatively affected by this law, and 7.1 million sign-ups is a reason to party? The government doesn’t even have an accurate count of people who have paid for health insurance. There is an old legal saying “untruthful in one, untruthful in all.” The Democrats lied as a party to get this passed, and they are still lying. The MSM is helping with the lie by their omission of negative facts and stories about Obama Care.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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