Friday, May 13, 2016

ENE News, "Fukushima Update 5/13/2016"

Coast to Coast AM – ‘Fukushima & Nuclear Issues‘, Mar 31, 2016 

"Reporter: Many experts now believe Fukushima’s melted fuel burned through the concrete floors and has gone down into the groundwater. “No one yet knows how deeply those 3 cores melted into the ground. No one knows where the cores are” (AUDIO)

At 42:00 in - Linda Moulton Howe, Regional Emmy Award-winning reporter: “Five years later now in March 2015, no one yet knows how deeply those three cores melted into the Fukushima ground.”

At 44:30 - Howe: “In the first days of the March 2011 catastrophe, [nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen] told media that Fukushima was ‘Chernobyl on Steroids’. Arnie meant that the Fukushima disaster would turn out to be much worse than the April 1986 core explosion at the Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Many experts believe now that the three missing Fukushima cores have melted right through the concrete floors, and are contaminating any water that reaches them - going down, perhaps touching, the groundwater.”

At 45:30 in - Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer: “Scientists and engineers knew exactly where the nuclear core was at Chernobyl a year later, but at Fuksuhima we’ve got three nuclear cores that are in direct contact with groundwater. Now that mean the containment broke and water is coming in and is contaminating the groundwater, so clearly the liquid releases from Fukushima are way, way more severe than Chernobyl.”

At 57:30 in - Howe: “The concept is when water from mountain run-off reaches the ice wall, it will freeze or flow around the frozen ground out to the Pacific Ocean without passing by the highly radioactive melted cores. But everybody says, ‘How do you know that’s going to work because no one knows where the cores are, or how deep they are in the ground right now?’”

At 1:16:45 in - Howe: “Fukushima is a cleanup challenge that is now expected to take decades more, into the end of the 21st century - re-enforcing what Arnie Gundersen said five years ago in that very first week, that ‘Fukushima is Chernobyl on steroids’. And so far over these five years, it appears that he has been right.”
What Happens In A Nuclear Meltdown:
A comment, the condensed No-Sugar-Coating version: OK, so what do we have here? "The melting temperature of uranium dioxide is 5,189 degrees Fahrenheit," said Martin Bertadono, a nuclear engineer at Purdue University. The reactor plant lies directly on the Pacific Ocean coastline. The 3 molten cores had in fact melted through the bottom of the containment vessels within 12 hours of the shutdown of the cooling systems caused by the tsunami flooding, and have been in direct contact with ground/ocean water for over 5 years now. The multi-ton molten cores have apparently coalesced into a single "corium" which will "burn" for thousands of years at 5,189 degrees F while releasing the radioactive equivalent of over 6,000 Hiroshima sized bombs every day into the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere, for over 5 years now. THIS is why they've imposed an absolute news blackout concerning the real nature of Fukushima, and lying about the true situation, because Hell has been brought to Earth, and there's no technology on Earth to deal with it. This is a literal Extinction Level Event for all life on this planet, and there's nothing anyone can do to change that, or save us. It's simply a matter of time. "Oh, that sounds melodramatic..." Really? Don't believe me, this is just my own informed opinion. Look on YouTube for "Pacific Ocean mass dieoffs". Do a Google Search for the same. Do a Search right here on this blog for "Fukushima", learn something from the many articles posted since day one of this nightmare, then draw your own informed conclusions. - CP

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