Tuesday, May 3, 2016

John Oliver, “Brace Yourself, Cicadas”

“Brace Yourself, Cicadas”
John Oliver Perfectly Sums Up the Last 17 Years in Three Minutes
By Alexandra Rosenmann

“Apparently, it's going to be a big summer for cicadas, whose unusually long reproductive cycle means the ones emerging this summer were conceived in 1999. Cicadas won't be here for long—two to six weeks on average. But if they're anything like humans, they’re going to need some catching up on what they missed while they were gestating. And Last Week Tonight's host John Oliver is here to help bring them up to speed.

In a funny video made directly for YouTube, Oliver divulges that, “We voted in second President Bush by a narrow margin, and rejected a third President Bush by an enormous margin." In 1999, the internet was still pretty much in its infancy, and "scream[ed] in agony as you dial[ed] into it," recalled Oliver, who also described YouTube, which came into existence in 2005 as “a video distribution platform where teenagers become famous for playing video games and opening boxes." 

As for sports, "Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, is now someone we mostly make fun of because he cried one time," Oliver said. In terms of pop culture, “Dr. Dre is a multimillionaire electronics mogul and the lead singer of Destiny’s Child is our queen." Oliver did allude to the menace that Trump poses to the next generation of cicadas." Watch:
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