Monday, June 13, 2016

"EBT CARD OUTAGE! 12 Days of No Food Stamps & Counting. U.S. Nationwide Riots?"

12 Days of No Food Stamps & Counting. U.S. Nationwide Riots?"
by IWB

"The video provides a glimpse of what could happen if a widespread glitch affects EBT cards nationwide.
Back in 2013, several Walmart stores suffered looting and “mini-riots” following an EBT card shutoff, which was caused after a routine check by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure. Managers were forced to close a Walmart in Philadelphia, Mississippi when people reacted to the failure by staging a “mini-riot.” Shoppers also attempted to loot hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, Louisiana after the glitch temporarily allowed them to make unlimited purchases on their EBT cards.

According to USDA estimates, food stamp participation increased from 17 million users in 2000 to nearly 47 million in 2014, although the number of Americans using EBT cards has declined by around 1.5 million since 2012. “While we understand that Electronic Benefits Transfer cards, unemployment and other social support mechanisms are necessary for those who may have temporarily come upon hard times in an economic environment wrought with fraud and machinations that have left hard working Americans in dire straits, the fact is that millions upon millions of people feel entitled to the benefits they receive from the taxpayer and have made sitting on the couch, smoking weed, and getting paid a career

Widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of “glitches” with the food stamp system. It is eight days into the month and large numbers of people still have not received their benefits, and in other instances it is being reported that EBT cards are simply not working correctly. So what in the world is going on here? On there are scores of reports of problems with the EBT system from people all over the nation. Could this simply be another example of government incompetence, or is something else at work here? In Venezuela extremely long food lines are a daily reality for much of the population right now. But someday will there be a major crisis that will cause food stamp benefits to be cut off either permanently or for an extended period of time."

12 days is a very long time to fix a "computer glitch". This is no "glitch" at all...


"EBT Card Outage?: It Is 8 Days Into June And Many Americans 
Are STILL Waiting For Food Stamp Money"

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