Thursday, June 9, 2016

"FBI Informs Court: Clinton E-mail Server is "Evidence" In a Criminal Investigation"

"FBI Informs Court: Clinton E-mail Server
 is 'Evidence' In a Criminal Investigation"
by Newsroom

"In a filing to the United States District Court, the FBI has informed the court that Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server is now "evidence" in a criminal investigation.  The FBI made the filing to put a halt to Freedom of Information Act requests, seeking release of emails routed through that server while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The declaration by the FBI is a major problem for Hillary Clinton as it now confirms the investigation is criminal in nature. To some observers, it is tantamount to the FBI telling Clinton she is officially a "target" of a criminal probe... (i.e. get yourself a good lawyer.)

Adding to the seriousness of the matter, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately today with President Obama at the White House. The topic of their conversation was not made public, but shortly after that meeting, Obama publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

There is widespread speculation that the Obama regime is so utterly corrupt, it would intentionally stifle any pending Indictment of Clinton "for the good of the Democrat Party." But sources within the FBI tell SuperStation95 that if the Bureau determines they have sufficient evidence to prosecute, and the Justice Department fails to do so, we in the media can expect "a torrent of leaks" to get the information out to the public.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton intentionally used a private, insecure e-mail server to handle official government business while she was Secretary of State is a major issue. Government records must be kept and made available to the public according to law. Routing communications through a private server side-steps that legal record keeping requirement. Even worse, some of the material sent through Clinton's server was Classified, Secret or even Top Secret. The mis-handling of Classified information is a serious crime because it could endanger the national security of the United States and covert operations worldwide. The investigation continues.”

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