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“Fears After "BREXIT" - Dumping of Euro/Eurobonds, Runs on Banks, Riots and Martial Law”

A Comment: This post is not intended in any way to frighten you. Do not panic and allow fear to control you! Some of you will instantly dismiss it as sensationalistic nonsense. That's fine too, believe what you need to. The fact of the matter is that there's a great deal of truthful information here as well. The banks ARE insolvent, and with margin/collateral calls on their $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles, they WILL collapse and close like dominoes, along with the credit card and ATM systems nationwide if the situation becomes severe enough. Martial law may well be declared if rioting and massive civil unrest occurs. DHS HAS factually purchased 2,700 armored personnel vehicles and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for "domestic use", as the Related links at bottom will prove. Note the dates of those posts. They've been preparing for years for massive civil disturbances, that's simply a fact, too. The "Calendar" below should be considered unreliable as to dates- no one can predict how and when this will all play out, though again many elements are plausibly factual as to cause and effect. Consider the possibilities as objectively as you can, and make whatever preparations possible. You'll lose nothing by doing so, and may in fact be prolonging your life and the lives of your loved ones. I say "prolong", not permanently save, because if this whole thing collapses, and it may well do exactly that, there are no guarantees about anything for any of us, including life and death. Use your common sense, be as factually informed as possible and decide what's best for yourself. That's all any of us can do now. Stay strong, do not give in to fear no matter what, and hope for the best... - CP

“Fears After "BREXIT" - Dumping of Euro/Eurobonds,
 Runs on Banks, Riots and Martial Law”
by Newsroom

"After the stunning vote by the British people to leave the European Union, Financial chaos erupted on markets worldwide. But some "Doom-and-Gloom" prognosticators say the worst is yet to come, with next week being "catastrophic doom."

The world's stock and bond markets, as well as many real estate markets are tottering, over-bloated and over-bought, and have long awaited a spark to trigger the great crash. That spark came on 23rd June 2016. With rock bottom interest rates and the Fed stretched to the breaking point, it will be impossible to halt the US run. As markets collapse, liquidity will dry up, and countries like the USA will look like Venezuela. As civil disorder spreads, so will an attempt to impose martial law in countries like the USA.

According to various "Chicken Littles" the sky is falling. Here's one published "wild-eyed-doom" prediction:

23rd June 2016 - UK vote for Brexit.
24th June 2016 - Euromarkets plummet. Not just because of Brexit, but if the UK is leaving, the pressure will become insurmountable for other nations to do so.
25th June 2016 - Panic in the Eurozone over the weekend will trigger a flight next week, from the Euro and from Eurodollar assets like Eurobonds.
27th June 2016 - US markets will plummet into a tailspin.
28th June 2016 - Capital flight will set in motion bank runs in Europe, spreading to the US.
29th June 2016 - Banks across Europe and the US are closed.
30th June 2016 - Riots break out when people cannot use their credit or debit cards, cannot access banks and ATM's are offline.
1st July 2016 - With the conventions ahead, candidates will slam and blame Obama.
4th July 2016 - Martial Law declared in the USA "to defend the nation and the Constitution."
Party conventions are cancelled to prevent further violence.
17th July 2016 - NO Republican National Convention.

Why Would Banks Close? The prediction above claims "Banks will be closed." Why would that happen? Well, their stock values are being pummeled. On Friday Stock values of large banks dropped in value like a rock. Wells Fargo -3.8%, Chase -5.5%,  Bank of America -7% Citigroup -8.3%, Deutsch Bank -16% and Lloyd's of London -21%.  That took place in ONE day.

If Monday and Tuesday show similar drops, the banks will be out of business because their stock values will not support the loans they have outstanding. The banks will be "insolvent." Once the general public hears that banks have begun to fail they will drop whatever they are doing and head to their nearest bank branch to pull money out. It cannot be avoided. It's human nature. That's why wise folks took their cash out a long time ago. If you have any common sense left AT ALL, you would be wise to get an amount of cash out of the bank that will tie you over for a month or so.  

We DO NOT MEAN money to pay your bills, we mean MONEY TO BUY FOOD and FUEL to LIVE. If this situation goes the way the prediction above says, the focus for most will be SURVIVAL, not paying the bills. 

That leaves this coming Monday to see if the claim that US Markets will "drop in a tailspin" comes to fruition. If it does, that makes about 50% of the doomsday claims TRUE.

Whether or not the rest actually play out is anyone's guess. Most folks do not believe any such chain of events could possibly take place. Then again, they are the very same people who refused to believe that a "Brexit" would take place. ALL of them were wrong about the Brexit. Will they also be wrong about the chain of events outlined above?

Perhaps, in the interest of being prepared for the unexpected, it may be a good idea to get yourself some extra food supplies, get yourself some CASH, fuel-up your vehicle(s) and talk with your family about the wild rumors (like the one above) which are circulating widely, so no one is caught off-guard if things suddenly turn bad.

We have the rest of this weekend to get some food, get some cash, fuel-up our vehicles and mentally prepare. It can't hurt to make a few little preparations, can it? Better to have extra food, extra fuel and extra cash... AND NOT NEED IT... than to need it... and not have it. The clock is ticking. Will you be prepared or will you be one of the people without any cash, without any food, left wondering what happened, and hoping someone feeds you?”
Wednesday, March 13, 2013:
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"Mainstream Media: Why is DHS Stockpiling Ammo, Weapons and Armored Assault Vehicles?"

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