Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Economy: Greg Hunter, “Right Now It’s About Keeping the Whole System from Collapsing"

“Right Now It’s About Keeping the Whole System from Collapsing”
By Greg Hunter’s

"Financial writer Andy Hoffman says the real endgame is upon us, and big money people like “Bond King” Bill Gross know it. Hoffman explains, “He has said some pretty alarming things that are pretty well in line with what all the other ‘big money’  people have has been saying lately. We’re talking about the biggest debt explosion in history on top of the already biggest debt edifice in history. He also is talking about Japan’s endgame is to forgive their debt. Forgive means default. It means the collapse of the major Western currencies. It means the domino game, that started 40 years ago when they got rid of the gold standard, must end as all fiat currency standards end in shambles.”

Hoffman goes on to say, “I wrote an article a few weeks ago talking about the myth of QE to infinity. At some point, you run out of things to buy. When people realize that you are at record high prices and record high central bank balance sheets, and nothing has changed and there is nothing left to buy, the only way to go is down.”

What is the most important thing the powers that be are trying to do? Hoffman says, “Right now, it’s about keeping the whole system from collapsing. I don’t think the election even matters that much. This whole big gold smash that happened in the past month, which has almost already reversed itself and is nearly back to its old highs, was based on trying to get the cartel out of all-time high naked short position in gold and silver. They are so scared right now they are doing anything. You couldn’t have any more blaring signals that the endgame is here. They are buying up everything they can, and it’s not working.”

On gold and silver, Hoffman contends, “Now you have this gold bull market which, no matter how hard the cartel tries, they just can’t stop it. The institutional money is moving into gold and silver right now. People are scared around the world, and I agree. I can’t see how we get through the next six months without something really, really terrible happening. There is a common thread of people realizing that it is all hitting the fan right now. Frankly, the election cycle is going to make things worse. If Donald Trump wins, it’s not whether he will be good or bad, we are talking about shaking up the establishment. Donald Trump is talking about renegotiating our debt, defaulting on it.”

On global war, Hoffman says, “If you are talking about what is most likely to happen, yes, war is the answer to everything. It is the answer to all economic ills. It is the answer to threats to the status quo, threats to staying in power. It is the only way to guarantee you stay in power is to start wars.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin, specializing in “Precious Metals and Global Investment Strategies.” (There is much more in the video interview.)

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