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"7 Tips To Make The Life You Want"

"7 Tips To Make The Life You Want"
by Chris Campbell

"Let’s get real for a moment. I’ve met a LOT of people who could be, but aren’t, living the life they want to live. Sure, they have big dreams and talk a big game, but they’re not even close to reaching those fantastical goals. And they never were. Instead, they’re slaving away at the 9-5 at a job they hate. And, deep down, they see becoming “financially free” about as likely as winning the Powerball. In fact, many, sadly, think the Powerball is the only way they’ll be able to live free. So they buy lottery tickets, and put all their eggs in, quite frankly, the “impossible” basket.

The problem many of these people face isn’t that the government’s holding them back. Or that the people around them are toxic. Or that they’re too poor. (If only they could walk a mile in someone’s shoes who embodies the horrid depths of true, soul-shattering poverty.) Their chains are, for the most part, of their own making.

It’s why it’s often hard to conjure up sympathy. Because these same people spend at least 35 hours a week watching TV. These people also spend about 32.9 hours a week staring at their phones either scrolling through Youtube to watch tiny goats pass out or scrolling through Facebook to watch tiny goats pass out. (Or, if they don’t sit on the couch all day with their smartphone glued to their palms, these days they’re falling off cliffs and into rivers while playing Pokemon Go.) Worse, these people spend the remainder of their “free time” worrying, obsessing, complaining, arguing, blaming and creating drama for themselves and those around them.

I’m sure you know at least a few people exactly like this. Or maybe you’re stuck in a similar rut. If so, in a moment, I’ll show you six ways to get back on track to living a truly FREE life.

Everyone is the sum of what they do. Which is why many people live average (or below-average) lives. And, not surprising, they live on average or below-average incomes. And it’s a predictable result of spending their time doing average things. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Honestly, I have no idea why people waste so much time each day on trivial things while claiming to want more out of life. Each night which passes, they must realize, brings them closer to death. And one day, they’re going to sit on their deathbeds and ask themselves, with palms planted firmly on their faces, “Why didn’t I just go for it!? What did I have to lose?!”

To me, a future filled with regret is the most terrifying future I can imagine. I run away from that future as quickly as I can. It’s why I always strive (although I’m not always successful) to live each day to the fullest. And I do that by doing things I love to do. One of which, of course, is putting together these daily missives for you. Another is something which I thought I’d loathe, but I’m actually learning to enjoy. Which is making Laissez Faire Today videos for our Facebook page.

Another is reading, learning, and absorbing new information. Another is meditating (in my own way) or exercising. Another is catching up with friends from all over the world and meeting new people. Another is learning about and trading cryptocurrencies. Another is traveling to places I’ve never been before (or going back to places I’ve been and love). Another is eating good food and taking in things which are good for my body and make me feel like a [expletive deleted] rockstar and give me the energy to keep going. And the list goes on.

Sure, sometimes I’ll watch a movie and eat junk. And, yes, I’m fairly active on social media. But I limit my time on these because there are more fulfilling things in my life which give me pleasure and help to build the future I want for myself. What I don’t have time for is complaining (except, of course, if it’s about Big Gubmint’s latest epically misguided FAIL). Nor do I have a second to blame others for my lot in life. Or take the results of MY bad decisions out on other people.

Despite all the flak I give Crony, Inc., everything I need to be financially, mentally and spiritually free is right here, right now. When it comes to these three things, there is absolutely nothing external to myself which can ever satisfy any want, need or desire better than I can with what I already have. And understanding this is, by my definition, what freedom is all about.

All three forms of freedom- mental, physical, and spiritual- are interrelated. And on this physical plane, you can’t really have one without the others. That’s why I think it’s disgusting when people think it’s “dirty” or “selfish” or “unholy” to want to live an abundant life. (Let’s not, though, mistake abundance for unabashed materialism. There’s a difference.) As if there’s something “spiritual” and “high-minded” about being poor, miserable and spiritually vacant. As if you’d be more of a help to others if you were living in destitute conditions, battling with a buzzard over the last scrap of rotting meat. Riiight.

Truth is, not a single person is helped by another human’s suffering. AND, more importantly, not a SINGLE PERSON… not one… can stop you from being abundant, happy, healthy and FREE on your own terms.

As long as you are of sound mind and your arms and legs work (and you’re not locked in a cage, pumped full of drugs like some circus animal), you are at an advantage. Sure, you might have a harder go at it than some. But the more obstacles in your way, the stronger you will become and, in the end, the more connected you will be to your own personal storehouse of power. The strongest people on this Earth had the opportunity to begin collecting their power from rock-bottom up. Not everyone is so lucky.

Here are seven things to keep in mind today as you think about what you want out of life, and formulate your attack plan on how you’re going to get it…

1. The life you want to live is POSSIBLE. You wouldn’t believe the level of freedom some people have today to lead the lives they wish. They’re not smarter than you. They didn’t start out richer than you. And they’re certainly not better looking than you. Technology has allowed people all over the world- from every socioeconomic background- to become freer than ALL past generations thought possible. AGAIN, the life you want to live is possible. Stop telling yourself otherwise.

2. You need to know what you want and you need a plan to get it. Of course, even the best laid plans get rekt, but that’s the beauty of plans. They are not static entities. They are not brick and mortar buildings you must construct completely before you can use them. They allow for adaptations, changes and modifications. The goal can stay the same, and the plan can shift with the circumstances. GET A PLAN. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. TODAY! And then work your ass off, adapt, and fill your time doing things you love. Do it.

3. Pay yourself FIRST. It’s mind-blowing how few people have ANY money saved up in case of emergency. It’s not that they don’t make enough money. Most of them do make enough to save -- even if it’s just a little. Problem is, not having a lot of money makes them anxious to think about. And do you know what most people do when they’re anxious? They go spend the money they should be saving to make themselves feel better. They smoke, drink, shop and eat in order to forget that they’re on the brink of disaster. Remember: Out of sight, out of mind. Get religious about it. Just as Christians tithe 10% at the church, PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

4. Learn how to take advice. The younger we are, the more we think we know everything. And the older we get, the more stubborn we become. And we only realize we don’t know a damn thing and that we should’ve listened until it’s too late to learn. Don’t be “that person.” You have nothing to prove to ANYONE. Humbly listen to anyone who is willing to solicit GENUINE advice and, if it is sound, pledge to try it out. Seek out people who are living the life you want. Actively search for a mentor. And, if their advice works out for you, send the giver a “thank you” note and get on with being awesome. TAKE ADVICE. And with [expletive deleted] grace.

5. Make sacrifices and overcome the resistance. Getting from zero to one is the hardest step. Whether it’s working out, learning a new language or skill, or trying something new, the first step is always the most difficult. You must build momentum first. Freedom is momentum. Realize that. So, the next time you come home and say, “I’d rather watch this movie or browse this inane website,” remember that every second counts to building the momentum it takes to truly be FREE. Either you’re moving or amassing more resistance. Get moving.

6. Have gratitude and love yourself. I know this is going to sound harsh, but I’m beginning to think that humanity hates itself. We belong to a race which loves the destructive and futile act of self-loathing. If we had self-respect and self-love, we wouldn’t need our “leaders” to swoop in and save us from every bogeyman in every bush. Moreover, we wouldn’t treat others and ourselves (our minds, bodies and spirits) as despicably as many of us do. Hey, guess what? You could be dead right now. And you’ll have plenty of time to loathe life and the living when you’re dead. Today, be grateful. Because you’re worth it. And you deserve to love and respect yourself.

7. Be alone and love it. It’s a cliche because it’s true: You can’t truly love others until you truly love and respect yourself. Lots of people are so afraid to be alone that they never cultivate the love and self-respect it takes to have a healthy relationship with oneself and, as a result, others. Instead, they bounce from lover to lover, in hopes that this one will, finally, be their key to eternal happiness. All the while, these people do absolutely nothing within themselves to warrant such internal happiness. So, after the initial brain-flood of endorphins, the veneer quickly falls away, as does the illusion. You’ll never truly be happy with a partner until you’re truly happy alone. It’s OK to tell others to leave you alone and get out of your personal space.

If you’re not already, follow these seven simple steps for just one month… one month… and see how you feel. Or maybe I’m full of it. But, hey, they work for me. And I’m a fan of whatever works.”

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