Saturday, July 23, 2016

“Hillary Clinton Has Seizure/Convulsions?”

“Hillary Clinton Has Seizure/Convulsions?”
by DaPhoneyRapperz

"This recent video showing a seizure type episode suffered by Hillary Clinton adds to the reoccurring questions about the overall health of the Democratic Party's nominee. This took place on June 17, 2016, when Hillary was asked by NBC News’ Monica Alba if she had discussed a possible V.P. role with Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.
Watch the reporter's reactions. And look closely at her eyes at the end of it... totally out of it.
NPR reported: "Not that Clinton is in perfect health. She is on Coumadin, an anti-coagulation medication she takes for deep-vein thrombosis (that is, a blood clot in a deep vein). She suffered from the condition in 1998 and 2009, Bardack writes, and also suffered a clot after a 2012 concussion. That concussion came as Clinton, dehydrated from a stomach virus, fainted in her home. Though the effects of the concussion are gone and the thrombosis was dissolved, she has taken the medication since then as a precaution."

While I have no idea how healthy Mrs. Clinton is, or is not, this latest episode will add to the myriad of qualification issues Hillary will have to respond to as she seeks to take the White House this November.”

Commander in Chief? Terrifying...

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