Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Hillary Clinton Scheduled To Meet With FBI On Saturday"; A Comment

"Hillary Clinton Scheduled To Meet With FBI On Saturday"
by Chuck Ross, Julian Hattem 

"Hillary Clinton could be interviewed in the coming days as part of the federal investigation into her “homebrew” email setup. The rumored interview could indicate the FBI is in the final stages of its investigation and comes after Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that she would defer to investigators and prosecutors in deciding whether to press charges.

Multiple current and former aides to Clinton have reportedly answered the FBI’s questions in recent months, in what appeared to be a path leading to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee herself. 

According to ABC News, the Justice Department's goal is to complete its probe and issue recommendations on whether charges should be filed before the two major party conventions occur later this month. ABC said the interview could take place in the coming days.

The Daily Caller, which first reported the interview, said Clinton is scheduled to meet with the FBI Saturday. Its source added the talk could occur at Clinton's residence in Washington, D.C. Clinton does not have any campaign events listed on her schedule for the weekend, presumably making an interview within that window easier to coordinate. The interview has been expected for weeks and could help provide final information that federal officials need to decide whether to press ahead with charges- a decision that could amount to a political earthquake.

Roughly 1 in 15 of the approximately 30,000 emails that Clinton gave to the federal government from her private server for safekeeping have been classified at some level. Another 22 were classified as top secret, the highest level of sensitivity.

Bryan Pagliano, the IT official believed to have set up and maintained Clinton’s server in the basement of her New York home, has been granted limited immunity deals in order to assist with the investigation.  Legal experts have speculated that the high bar for prosecutors to prove that Clinton’s setup was designed to thwart federal security laws could make it difficult to indict her. But the investigation has been underway for more than a year, raising speculation about what officials may have discovered.

On Friday, Lynch acknowledged that her 30-minute, private meeting with Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, had cast a pallor over the investigation, with Republicans questioning her neutrality. In the face of the criticism, Lynch on Friday said that she would accept whatever recommendations were handed to her by FBI investigators and Justice Department prosecutors."

"Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail"
A Comment: So we'll now see what happens, won't we? Let me ask you... do birds fly? Do fish swim? That's their nature. Same as compulsive lying is with Hilly, she couldn't tell a truth to save her soul from Hell fire, it's second nature to her, like breathing. Look again at the top graphic... that lie alone should send her to prison. The FBI already knows the truth, knows all the public lies, already has the answers, and she by nature will be totally incapable of not lying to them. Remember, Martha Stewart went to prison for telling one lie to one question during an FBI interview. Hilly's in a dilemma here- unlike her aide Brian Pagliano's recent pleading the 5th Amendment right 125 times to not incriminate himself, she cannot use that tactic. While the safest, the appearance of impropriety alone would destroy her politically. Conversely, if she lies- and she will- she faces certain indictment (if Attorney General Lynch proceeds in following the FBI's recommendation, not a certainty given her history with the Clintons); if she answers truthfully she'll be admitting to high crimes and misdemeanors including espionage, and will face indictment, and upon conviction, forfeiture of the right to hold any public office, including the Presidency of the United States.

I know many of you still support her, despite literally mountains of evidence of factually true and provable criminality, but know this: her narcissistic arrogance in believing she was entitled to a different standard of law than the rest of us brought this upon her, nothing else. She alone bears the fault, and should reap the consequences for that, if there really is justice. If you support her simply because she is a woman, you are a hopelessly ignorant and deluded fool.

"Equal Justice Under The Law" is the motto carved on the Supreme Court building. If that's true, if there is any justice at all left in this country, this criminal and her aides will be indicted, and rightfully so. Bill too when and if the RICO indictments regarding the Clinton Foundation fraud- called by some as the "greatest charity fraud in the history of the world" and speculated to total $100 billion-  are revealed, crimes for which she also should be indicted. Time will tell if the rich and powerful can get away with anything and everything, or if laws are only enforced on the rest of us like Richard Pryor said, "When you go down to the Justice Center that's all you see, just us." If there is justice...

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