Sunday, July 3, 2016

“Legal Analysis: Hillary’s 3 1/2 Hour FBI ‘Interview’”

“Legal Analysis: Hillary’s 3 1/2 Hour FBI ‘Interview’”
by Newsroom

“Hillary Clinton gave a voluntary "interview" to the FBI Saturday for three and a half hours, and the initial legal analysis from criminal defense experts is that Hillary is doomed! The "interview" concerned, among other things, Hillary using a private, insecure, computer server located inside her home, for official US State Department business while she was Secretary of State. Some of the information sent to and from that server is alleged to have been Classified, Secret, Top Secret and even Special Access Program (SAP) which is so incredibly secret, only very few people can know such things. Prior to beginning her work as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton was required to read and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which made explicitly clear how Classified information was to be handled. The notices she signed also outlined the potential criminal charges a government worker can face for intentionally mishandling such information.

Hillary has repeatedly, and publicly, denied asking or instructing her staff to strip away Classified markings from information, then sending it to her as though it was not classified. But an email exchange between Mrs. Clinton and her staff, released by Wikileaks, directly proves otherwise.  

SuperStation95 Legal Analyst Roger Hemsbury, a federal criminal defense expert, says the fact that the FBI went to see Hillary as the final part of their investigation "was a huge bad sign" because, he said "they only go to a target at the end when they already know all the facts and have already built a case." The final interview is merely to give the target an opportunity to lie to them or to obfuscate, so as to make it possible for the government to add additional charges such as 18 USC 1001 (lying to federal investigators) or obstruction of justice, he said.

Hemsbury told SuperStation95 that if he had been Hillary's attorney, he would have insisted she invoke her right to remain silent and decline to answer any questions at all. "Every word she uttered will be used against her, even if she thought she was clearing things up or providing an alternate excuse for her actions" he said. "When the FBI comes to speak to a person, they aren't there to clear up any misunderstanding or just trying to find out what happened, the FBI is there to build a case," he continued. A report indicated that the FBI had roughly 147 agents working to determine if Hillary engaged in any criminal misconduct which put America’s national security at risk.

The fact that Hillary was questioned for three and a half hours is also an extremely bad sign said Hemsbury. "The longer a target speaks to federal agents, the worse-off the target will be" he said.  "The fact they chose to question Clinton is even more indicative of pending charges because if there was nothing to the investigation, there would be no reason to even see her," he continued.

Hemsbury claims that he expects the FBI to recommend "numerous charges" against Mrs. Clinton; charges he says could range from "illegal alteration or deletion of government records, to violations of the Espionage Act." He ended his analysis by saying "This three and a half hour interview will come back to haunt her- I can almost guarantee it." Time will tell...”

Update July 3, 2016 10:14 AM: "Chuck Todd To Hillary: 'Were You Given An Indication That No FBI Charges Will Be Filed Against You?'"


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