Friday, July 22, 2016

"The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, a Physicist At CERN Before He Committed Suicide"

"The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, 
a Physicist At CERN Before He Committed Suicide"
 by IWB

Part One: "I’m a Physicist At CERN. We’ve Done Something We Shouldn’t Have Done"
Published on Jun 29, 2016. “What is going on at CERN? We are not sure this is real, but we decided to leave it up to you. The story is written from a 3rd person perspective, that of Dr. Edward Mantill, and is very deep and detailed and covers the possible accounts of someone at CERN." 
"On July 13, 2016, Dr. Mantill was found dead in his office from a self inflicted gunshot wound. The renowned physicist had been researching a hidden code in the movement of the neutrinos from the north to the south magnetic poles. His colleagues said the Dr. hadn’t slept for days after he had allegedly given up his research and had shut himself off in his office and after a couple of days of not showing up for appointments, he was found in his office, fatally wounded. He had burned all of his research in his trash bin and his computer had been wiped clean of everything except one text file. The rest of this story and what the doctor confesses about the discoveries at CERN is in this 9 minute video:

Here is another video from another employee of CERN concerning CERN’s latest developments: cern 

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