Saturday, August 13, 2016

“Crop Circle 8/12/2016, Ansty, Nr. Salisbury, UK”

“Crop Circle 8/12/2016, Ansty, Nr. Salisbury, UK”

"A couple of close friends have alerted me to this astounding formation which appeared yesterday- I was only able to look into it just now. From what I understand through my initial research, Earth Files reports this crop circle to span about 350 feet across! When I first saw the photo, I was rather surprised to see the symbols around the perimeter. I could be mistaken, but such symbols aren't very common in crop circles. I'm thinking "Light Language" but I feel that they may be more than that.
Click image for larger size.
There are 20 of these symbols, with one of them repeated 4 times, separated by 3 other symbols, then 5 other symbols, then 3 more symbols, then 5, making a total of 20. What does this mean? I have no idea, I'm merely reporting what I noticed. "Three" seems to be a significant theme in this formation- three main big "leaves" with three little ones in the  middle, and another triple formation underneath them." 
"Red Collie describes this as 'A triquetra superimposed on a Flower of Life.'"

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Hat tip to Annette Garcia for this material!
What do you think? 350 feet in diameter, and so incredibly detailed, and done in one night?
 I can't believe people, humans, could do this. We're simply not that good. I have no clue who
or what actually did, or why. Comments are welcome.
- CP


  1. I visited the circle yesterday. Incredible! This was not definitely not made by people using planks of wood and ropes! It is made by some sort of technology that we don't know about. In places the wheat was flattened in more than one time interval - with the outline of the shape made first and then wheat layered over in a different direction. There is evidence I have read about heating at the base of the stalks by some sort of micro-wave energy. Obviously creating a pre-determined pattern. So who or what is responsible and why are they doing it? And why have they only relatively recently have they become more sophisticate dsince the 1970's? Is it because whatever is responsible is gradually developing their technology and technique? As if the artist(s) has the newest tool available and has to try it out - rather than keep it to itself. There are only a few cases when actual messages have appeared to be sent. Why? And why is Wiltshire a hot spot for them?
    Lots of questions... John

  2. I agree John, my first impression on seeing that video was, Humans did not make this... we're simply not that good. Obviously communication, though we're too dim-witted at present to understand. Should be very interesting to meet the creators of this. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!