Friday, August 12, 2016

"Democratic Donors Express Fears Over Sparse Clinton Rally Attendees; Talking Replacement Candidate"

"Democratic Donors Express Fears Over Sparse Clinton 
Rally Attendees; Talking Replacement Candidate"
by Newsroom

"The Democratic Party is hearing from its major contributors who are expressing "grave concern" about the sparsely-attended political rallies held by Hillary Clinton. Some Donors have decided to withhold additional money.
Despite (rigged) Poll numbers which claim Hillary is leading Trump, the rallies are a better barometer of support because they are tangible, they can be seen. And the Democrat Donors do NOT like what they've been seeing.

Everywhere he goes, Donald Trump is surrounded by literally THOUSANDS of cheering supporters. So many people try to attend his rallies, that literally HUNDREDS have to be turned away or sent to an "overflow" area. Yet Hillary rallies barely draw 150 people. In fact, the largest rally so far has only seen about three hundred supporters!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a comparison of the two candidates rallies on August 10:
One thing this comparison proves is that the "Polls" are completely wrong; likely deliberately rigged by a mass-media that are actually apparatchiks for Hillary Clinton. The public knows this, which is why the polls are not being paid any attention to.

The photos above are a dramatic example of the overwhelming support enjoyed by Donald Trump, and the pathetic support of Hillary Clinton. If the Polls were right, Clinton's rallies wouldn't look as they do. Democratic Donors see this too, and they are not pleased. One large donor has already floated the question to the Democrat National Committee: "If Hillary cannot draw crowds to her campaign rallies, how and when will the DNC replace her with someone who can?"

Clearly, an ominous development for Clinton."

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