Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton: “We Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class”

Hillary Clinton: “We Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class”
Out of her own mouth!  Watch for yourselves:
August 2, 2016. Look who’s sitting right behind her, none other than Warren Buffet, your regular Middle Class guy, right? Will someone please enlighten me how these supposedly-adult idiots can cheer as she tells them directly she’s going to raise THEIR taxes... that means YOU, Good Citizen. - CP

“Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes”

Maybe this is why Shillary was so fired up, lol:
How Empty Are Hillary’s Rallies?
Hillary Clinton Loads Up Omaha Rally With High School Kids – Still Can’t Fill It Up!
Hillary Clinton held a rally Saturday at North High School in Omaha. The gym was half empty when the rally started. She packed the high school gym with high school kids who are too young to vote. The kids were wearing their “Vikings” jerseys- look at the kids behind her."

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