Sunday, August 21, 2016

Poll: Donations

This blog's been here over 8 years with no ads, banners, popups or donation buttons. Due to pending changes in circumstances beyond my control I'm considering placing a Donation button here, reluctantly. Very simply, would you donate to keep things going as they are? I'm open of course to other fund raising ideas. Unlike the government I can't deficit spend, a situation many of you are also too familiar with, and really regret even considering this option, but have little choice.

Clarification: This has nothing to do with the cost of Blogger, which of course is free. It has to do with the huge amount of time and energy it takes to do this, which I'd much prefer using right here than in other, but possibly necessary, activities.

Please take a second to vote on the poll, at the top left sidebar, so I can determine what's the best thing to do, and thanks for stopping by! 
- CP

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