Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Life As A Human Photography"

"Life As A Human Photography"
by Will Winter

"Welcome to Here you will be presented with an additional perspective on humanity through the medium of photography. There are many different interpretations of life, and with a wide variety of contributors, we are able to explore, and hopefully better understand our humanity.

Photography has the power to move us in indescribable ways, evoking a variety of emotional responses as well as opening our eyes to some of the issues in the world around us. From the photojournalists who put their life on the line to bring us world changing news, to the travel photographers inspiring us towards adventure, to the fine art photographers bringing us insight into the inner worlds of the imagination, we celebrate their talent.

The images you will see on this site are not part of just a collection of photographs, but each one a window into a unique perspective on humanity. Here you see images which not only express, but also explore what it means to live “Life As A Human”.

If you have any photographs that you feel would help others to explore and understand our humanity, we would love to share them. To learn more about submitting your work, please see our guidelines for submissions."

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