Monday, September 19, 2016

"Polls: Trump ONE STATE From Being President”

"Polls: Trump ONE STATE From Being President”
By Ben Shapiro

"There was a time when Hillary Clinton’s team believed she would win every swing state, many by double digits. That time has passed.

According to today’s Washington Post, the Clinton team is now “pessimistic” about holding Iowa and Ohio, and they believe Florida and North Carolina will be close. Right now, the latest polls have Donald Trump ahead in all four states. If he were to win those four states, as well as Nevada, he would be one state away from winning the presidency. Here are the remaining battleground states and where they stand:

Pennsylvania. There’s been a fair bit of talk about Pennsylvania moving into Trump’s column due to its heavy white working class population, but there’s no evidence in the polls for that – the latest poll from Morning Consult has Clinton up nine points there, for a RealClearPolitics average spread of 6.6 points. Trump’s better off focusing his resources elsewhere.

Colorado. Hillary thought she had Colorado in the bag as late as three weeks ago – Trump had no ground game to speak of, and Colorado Republicans were tepid about Trump. But an Emerson poll taken after Hillary’s physical collapse last week put Trump up four there; another poll put Trump up two. If Trump takes Colorado’s 9 electoral votes, he’s president.

Wisconsin. Wisconsin hasn’t gone Republican since 1984. And Hillary had taken the state for granted for months. But a late August poll showed Clinton up just three points there, and we haven’t seen any polls in the state since Hillary’s health scare and her “deplorables” comment.

Virginia. Virginia, too, was thought to be in Hillary’s win column, but three polls in the last three weeks have shown the race within three points. Hillary had reportedly withdrawn resources from the state, assured that Trump could not compete in the purple state that is rapidly shifting blue – or was, until Hillary ran. Hillary’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, clearly hasn’t locked up the state quite yet.

New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s another state Hillary thought was done. But an NBC poll from just before Hillary fell over put her up just two points. That obviously didn’t take into account her terrible last week and a half.

Michigan. Michigan, too, was thought out of reach by Hillary’s people. She had a solid and consistent lead of between 5 and 7 points…until her health scare, when the lead plummeted to three. And Trump has been campaigning heavily in Michigan, particularly on the economy.

Trump’s roughest road here is through Pennsylvania, but if this race remains close, Hillary has to run the table in order to maintain the White House. So much for the theory that Hillary’s supposed stability would prevent Trump from gaining the Oval Office. She remains a horror show candidate, and the polls reflect that.”

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