Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Cyber-Attacks Which Crippled US Internet, Came (Mostly) From INSIDE the USA; Specifically a US AFB in KS"

"Cyber-Attacks Which Crippled US Internet, Came (Mostly) From INSIDE the USA;
 Specifically a US AFB in KS"
by Newsroom  

"As of 2:00 AM EDT on Sat., Oct. 22, Cyber-Sleuths are still working to mitigate ongoing "attacks"causing massive Internet outages across the U.S. all day. But a troubling pattern is emerging: The attacks originate (mostly) INSIDE the U.S. According to the automated attack-monitoring-map offered by FortiGuard, much of today's Internet trouble was caused by attacks launched against Data Centers in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Seattle. But the largest bursts of these attacks originated repeatedly from Wichita, Kansas.

Using the GeoIP lookup system, open public records seem to indicate the attacks originated from a geographic area about 5 miles southeast of downtown Wichita, but there are no large public data centers located in that part of the city.  In fact, the only large anything in that area is McConnell Air Force Base. HMMMMM. According to the public web site of McConnell Air Force Base, the first- and perhaps most important function- of that base is the 184th Intelligence Wing. "Intelligence" as in... information... as in computers! HMMMMM.

The live attack-map offered by Fortiguard allows anyone to watch the attacks in real time. There's a link below for you to see for yourself, but we can tell you that several lengthy sessions of watching these attacks has revealed the US is attacking itself. Massive bursts of attack data come from Witchita to Boston, then New York, then to San Francisco, then Los Angeles, and frequently to Seattle. Seconds later, these cities seem to "return fire" back against Wichita with massive bursts of data. On several occasions, Washington, DC sent utterly gigantic bursts of data against Wichita and Los Angeles. What's in Washington, DC that has attack computers? That's a no-brainer: Government.

Foreign attacks too, but mostly from US "allies”: What makes the attacks of Friday even more interesting is that other attacks- very, very large attacks, are striking US Data Centers from (in order of frequency and magnitude): Ireland, the Netherlands, London, UK, Australia  and even Turkey- all U.S. Allies! Watching these attacks take place, it almost looks as though the US is at war with its own allies, unless this is some type of "practice" for something in the future? After all, why would US allies be engaged in cyber-attacks upon the US?  Unless the US asked them to, perhaps for "testing" purposes in the real world?

The one country that is noticeably absent from sending or receiving attacks: Russia. Not a peep. Almost nothing! There are, however, sizable attacks hitting the US from mainland China and from Malaysia/Indonesia. But these attacks are nowhere near as large or as frequent as those from Ireland and the Netherlands.

Why is the US Government initiating cyber-attacks upon it’s own citizens? So, what do we conclude from the Friday Internet "cyber-attacks?" Well, for one thing, the patterns seen above are happening over, and over, and over again.  And the involvement of Wichita is VERY obvious. It appears that either the US is attacking itself, or the US Government (along with its military allies) is attacking its own citizens  to test its abilities in the real world, to see what works, what doesn't and for how long.

But why would the US government attack its own citizen's Internet? Why would government object to things like WikiLeaks coming out with Hillary Clinton e-mails? Or Project Veritas videos showing Democrats engaging in systematic election rigging and Hillary campaign staff arranging violence at Trump campaign rallies? Or revelations that it is the US and NATO misbehaving is leading the world to war with Russia over Syria, and that we in the US/NATO are actually the "bad guys?"   

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

It is quite apparent that the "cyber-attacks" of Friday, October 21 directly involve facilities of the US Government. And by that, we mean, the attacks ORIGINATED from facilities of the US Government. Wichita is a key location for the origin of these attacks. Bear that in mind as we see how these event either clear-up or get worse. It looks as though someone in government does not like the free flow of information to, from and among US Citizens."
Link to FORTIGUARD live attack-monitoring map HERE

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  1. FDR slipped the USA into bed with WWII allies to get a third term as el presidente. Is history repeating itself once again? Hhhmmmm?