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"The West – A Crumbling Tower of Babel"

"The West – A Crumbling Tower of Babel"
By Francis Marion

"I first came to The Burning Platform a few years ago as part of a routine that I have. I own a business that is international in nature and, as a result, watching social and political trends and understanding how they affect my business became an important part of simply getting up in the morning and planning my days, weeks and months. Political stability is a key component to moving goods through borders so in my mind if you are not paying attention to said social/political trends then you do so at your own peril.

Watching and understanding these trends has gone from an activity born of necessity to a sort of hobby of late and, when combined with an interest in human history and psychology, it eventually evolves into a desire to understand models of human interaction and an attempt to predict social and political trends.

So before I go any further I’d like to thank Yojimbo for introducing me to the Alt-Right – a movement which I would likely have glossed over had I not ended up here. The web is a big place and TBP is a sort of nexus for information about what is happening in the world sociopolitically. It is a good barometer of mood and provides the reader with a view into the undercurrents that eventually create huge social tsunami’s during times of flux and change such as Fourth Turnings.

Yojimbo’s daily postings brought me to the Atlantic Centurion. I don’t consider myself a white nationalist (and I am not sure if AC considers himself one either but that is a different topic) but I am a cultural realist and I’m not afraid to read or consider the points of anyone if they are presented in a mature and coherent format. AC does this with regards to a social trend that appears to be gathering steam globally. For lack of a better term I am going to call it European tribalism. More on that shortly.

Recently I had the chance to sit with my old university roommate for a drink. This happens about twice a year for us. He is a university professor now so it is part social call, part mining expedition on my part. He is a conservative, untenured professor so he is accustomed to having to keep his mouth shut and his head down in a liberal environment dominated by females. Our ritual meetings are thus an opportunity for him to speak his mind without fear of reprisal. And that he did. As he went on about the level of political correctness present in his working environment I asked him how long he thought it could go on for. His response was telling: It’s not sustainable because it is all based in ‘unreality’.

The opening was there and I began to discuss the issues we post and discuss here on politics, economics and culture with him – specifically social trends as related to the dissolution of large nation states.

As a professor with a concentration in history and education he confirmed what I already believed – that nation states are an artificial and very fragile concept. That in the West in this day and age they are not based on ethnic or cultural realities and therefore exist outside of nature. Moreover, like any empire of the past, the large ones are dependent on perpetual economic (and political) growth in order to maintain their integrity. As a result all large nation states and all empires eventually end up being comprised of competing tribes. And the only way to keep said tribes marching to the beat of the same drum is to buy them off and to keep them under the yoke of the state’s strength.

This means constant growth in almost every aspect of the state. In the past the treasury was replenished through the spoils of war. War kept things moving along and if the war machine wasn’t stretched too thin the integrity of the state remained secure. Today we are bought off with fiat. The war machine expands less in order to obtain new resources to maintain the states integrity and more because it simply can (because there is an endless supply of debt money to do so). In our time and especially in the West debt money has allowed an artificial social construct to expand and survive. War, nation and social trend in the 21st century are a result of debt. We have effectively purchased a myth by simply borrowing more and more ‘money’ into existence.

Indeed, the natural state of man is not one of multicultural nation states. Nation states, multicultural ones especially,  are man’s Tower of Babel and they are not sustainable over long periods of time. In building massive, multicultural nation states we have turned man’s natural state of social and political interaction on its head. Socially and politically it is like the natural world is suddenly turned upside down.

Man’s natural social and political state more closely resembles this:

1st Priority is the clan. The clan is comprised of immediate and more distant blood relatives and close friends of said family that are adopted into the clan unit.

2nd Priority is the tribe. The tribe is a political unit not necessarily related by blood but bound by common language, traditions (socially and politically), contracts and need a for a common defense.

3rd Priority is the nation. The nation is a fluid idea and often encompasses more than one tribe with a similar overall culture and purpose. Some of the more common purposes of those different tribes are defense, contract and law. Tribes whose traditions vary too widely in the area of law and contract cannot coexist within the same nation state for any length of time as the underlying premise and foundation behind these principles is the use of force to establish them as the rule. In a situation where there is a wide gap in belief in this area one tribe will ultimately push another out physically. See Islam and most of Europe as a prime example.

But this is not how we have structured our nation states. As I have already stated we have built a sort of ‘Tower of Babel’ in place of the natural order of the world where the state is at the top of the pyramid, the tribe is in the middle but by and large ignored (and in some cases either yoked or spurred to violence depending on their relationship with the state) and the clan – well, the clan has been absolutely smashed to pieces.

This is not the natural order of mankind in general and I believe what the alt -right represents is the beginning of a socio/political correction in human relationships and behavior in the West. The Alt-Right is realigning the western nation state to mirror the natural order that nation states in much of the rest of world already represent.
From the Atlantic Centurion. Click image for larger size.

I pulled this map from the Atlantic Centurion not because I believe this is what North America should or will look like but because it speaks to a creeping reality: the fall of the Tower.

Nationalism in a multi ethnic society is a long term impossibility. If we were all libertarian it would work but we are not. By and large people identify politically with people of their own cultural backgrounds. The most accurate and telling piece of this map is the little yellow dot in the middle of what is labeled ‘Cascadia’. The city state of Vancouver.

For those of us who live in this region this reality is already more or less here. It lacks official political boundaries but the lines have been drawn from a cultural perspective. The elite can see it happening and are already trying to front run it by explaining things away with techno talk and multiculti mumbo jumbo. But I doubt they will be able to contain the trend which is less techno/regional and more culturally based than they realize. The entire area is settling into boroughs of racial and cultural identity and it is being done in spite or relentless government propaganda designed to have us believe and act otherwise.

Cascadia is a growing reality and I believe when the dust settles that the entire Vancouver to Seattle corridor will be one massive city state owned and operated primarily be Asian interests. Vancouver is already a sort of Asian/cosmopolitan city of international trade and will remain that way through the coming political and social shifts that happen through fourth turnings. Chinese and to a lesser extent, Indian culture is so prevalent in the area (and has been so for so long) that to try and change it would be a crime of epic proportions. That being said, the outlying areas are European by and large and will remain that way as well. When change comes borders will be drawn, immigration will be controlled on a more tribal level and trade will resume. Whites will not wipe out the Asian populations in Vancouver because of political collapse or vice versa. The relationship in terms of trade is mutually beneficial. But make no mistake, borders will be drawn and they will be based on the tribal model. The tower will not stand.

The rest of the continent and the Western world in general may not fair so well as the relationship between various ethnic groups is based less on mutual self interest and more on competition for limited resources – primarily those of the coercive state. Everyone wants to carry the mallet of government to either get something for nothing or to squash competing tribes. Thus Europe will end either with a whimper or a very large bang. The competing interests of MENA Islamic tribes and European liberal, democratic tribes are coming to a head and I am skeptical as to whether or not the globalists can contain it. Moreover, with the flow of information that the web provides I believe it will be increasingly difficult for the Globalists, who have turned the model of human relationships and the planet on its head, to remain in the shadows. As nation states unwind and new lines are drawn the tribes will begin looking for someone to blame for the mess. It won’t be hard for them to figure out who is responsible.

If I had any piece of advice to give to the people who read here it is simply this: Let go of your need or desire to save whatever nation it is that you dwell within. In the long run they are already finished. Patriotism felt towards an artificial construct that has no basis in reality is a waste of energy. Embrace your tribe, move if you have to and prepare to be both soldier and diplomat. In terms of North America the Asians and the Latino’s are not leaving. They have their niches, their city states and their new nations already. And as Europeans we will have ours– I believe this is what the Alt-Right is coming to represent in a very organic type manner.

Realistically, by and large we can live together peacefully but separately as we already do here in the Pacific Northwest. But in order to do so we must abandon notions that multiculturalism and the mega-state are viable political options and start again. Abandon patriotism and nationalism. Embrace tribalism and new, more peaceful, less powerful and more sensible nations will arise. The Globalists have ensured, whether by intent or by accident, that this will be the fate of the Western world.”

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  1. This Euro-Mohawk elder, a mongrel puppy spawned in the horse drawn, wood fired backwaters of the dysfunctional empire feels a need to point out a small but important point in this otherwise valuable insight of our common crises so brilliantly summarized for mere earthlings such as myself.
    The conjecture ignores the reality, the current issues of the aboriginal tribes and clans of the Americas who still maintain our links to the memories of our common ancestors back to the endless winters and the great floods that followed.. And we need those memories to sustain us through this evolutionary crises.
    Some of us at an all Americas elders summit in 2004 sat under trees, on the earth discussing these difficult things the young face. I brought forward a suggestion I have been fielding for decades. That the tribes of the Americas need to sign treaties with each other and begin to lay the seeds for the young who must salvage the best they can of this empire and build a new one for their fellow earthlings. We all cross a bridge of chaos.
    I believe the crises in the Dakotas has brought that more to the front and now those treaties and common voice of the Earth People/Sky People conflict unfold.
    I make this as just a suggestion from the world of in-between. It is not balkanization that will salvage the hope for a larger state of consciousness. No question that the potential exists for “eco-technic” urban centres, and what I have been hoping for, the growth of the “eco-village” mindset on remote reserves. However, such imagined potential can only survive the long term if it is plugged into a global network of common planetary objectives. That is difficult to imagine let alone to consider critical paths required.
    But we are after all, One Blood, One Spirit, One Planet. The things we build at the local level, even though they may be culturally introverted are in the end all subject to the unavoidable and indisputable truth: Earthlings in biosphere.
    A small point. Vancouver in the 1960's-80's that I worked in international finance circles there was considered an unfolding Hong Kong-Singapore financial “node” in the global machine by the early 80's. It was becoming a banking reference point for that global empire spawned in many countries in Asia Pacific investment circles as early as the 1960's.
    But all of that hinges on the resource extraction economies and that is quickly falling apart.
    The discussion also must consider the most important factors of climate change and how that will alter “tribal” definitions. Or will Vancouver and the Pacific basin even be liveable with the fallout from Fukushima?
    I doubt the world that survives and the shape of the politics will bear much resemblance to anything we can imagine.
    The moment is more than politics of nations and tribes. The essay, thankyou, does help me to understand more of the overview in some circles and I have saved it to reread. Aging dendrites and frequent senior’s moments require it.