Sunday, October 9, 2016

"U.S. Caught Repainting Fighter Jets to RUSSIAN COLORS - False Flag Bombing Imminent?"

"U.S. Caught Repainting Fighter Jets to RUSSIAN COLORS-
 False Flag Bombing Imminent?"
 by Newsroom

The United States has been caught repainting several of their fighter jets in RUSSIAN Air Force Colors.  Training? Or are they preparing to launch a horrific bombing inside Syria, then blaming it on the Russians as a precursor to US military action inside Syria? The US federal Government is full of snakes and vipers. Don't put anything past these filth.  

By repainting these planes, they can send them out on bombing missions, make certain they fly low and slow around a target a few times so people on the ground whip out their cellphone cameras to video the attack, bomb the hell out of something and then sit back as all the civilian videos come out on social media showing a "Russian" plane committing the act! The perfect set up.

Now that we're revealing this, look for someone to come out and claim it is for something like "training" but who needs to repaint planes for training? We have all sorts of electronics to Identify Friend-Foe. This enables us to fight at night, in bad weather, zero visibility. So why repaint a plane for "training?" Further, it isn't only ONE plane the US is repainting; it's quite a few!  Take a look:
Click image for larger size.

The first three pics are of an U.S. F/A-18 fighter and attack aircraft in Russian coloring. (The wingtips are raised for storage as this is a carrier enabled plane. The windows of the raised cockpit hood are covered with white sun protection sheets.) On the bottom right is a picture of a Russia SU-34 in the usual Russian color scheme as it is also used by the Russian contingent in Syria. It would be extremely difficult to distinguish these like-colored planes from each other in a shaky fly-by and “bombing” video.

It appears someone in the US is planning something nefarious. Don't be duped into a war, America.  Watch for it.”

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