Sunday, October 16, 2016

“WikiLeaks ‘Dead Man's Switch’ Appears to Have Been Triggered”; Update 8:52 PM EDT

“WikiLeaks ‘Dead Man's Switch’ Appears to Have Been Triggered”
 by Vol. News Staff

UPDATE 7:53 PM EDT - "The unique sets of numbers previously thought to be Hashtags are NOT!  They are DECRYPTION KEYS for certain files;  passwords if you will.  This means that Wikileaks has just given the entire planet the decryption keys for three sets of files,  1 on John Kerry,  1 on Ecuador and a third on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

This is a "dead man's switch." It means that Wikileaks- or its Editor Julian Assange- are in direct danger, or Assange may be dead. By issuing these decryption keys, they are announcing that the files are already distributed and the world will be told WHERE to find those files if someone dies. Once the world is told WHERE to download those files, the decryption keys can be used by literally ANYONE to get all the deep secrets inside.

If it is a dead-man's switch, then Julian Assange may already be dead or in custody. The release of the Encryption passwords would be part of the Dead Man's switch.  We'll explain: The decryption keys are an automated message in the case of someone like Assange being unable to regularly prove he's alive and well. It's usually set up where they must log in somewhere at a preset interval, say, once a day. This prevents the triggering of the switch.

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With regard to the meaning of "pre-commitment" we offer the following guidance: Precommitment is a strategy in which a party to a conflict uses a commitment device to strengthen its position by cutting off some of its options to make its threats more credible. Any party employing a Strategy of Deterrence faces the problem that retaliating against an attack may ultimately result in significant damage to their own side. If this damage is significant enough, then the opponent may take the view that such retaliation would be irrational, and therefore, that the threat lacks credibility, and hence, it ceases to be an effective deterrent. Precommitment improves the credibility of a threat, either by imposing significant penalties on the threatening party for not following through, or, by making it impossible to not respond.

"In cryptography, a commitment scheme allows one to commit to a chosen value (or chosen statement) while keeping it hidden to others, with the ability to reveal the committed value later. Commitment schemes are designed so that a party cannot change the value or statement after they have committed to it: that is, commitment schemes are binding. Commitment schemes have important applications in a number of cryptographic protocols including secure coin flipping, zero-knowledge proofs, and secure computation.

A way to visualize a commitment scheme is to think of a sender as putting a message in a locked box, and giving the box to a receiver. The message in the box is hidden from the receiver, who cannot open the lock themselves. Since the receiver has the box, the message inside cannot be changed—merely revealed if the sender chooses to give them the key at some later time. If something happens to them, the system automatically sends out codes to encrypted files already in the hands of friends, the press, other governments, etc. In this case, if it is a dead-man's switch, the system did not receive the regular log-in and used Assange's Twitter credentials to send out the decryption codes. The proof will be if we see Assange again, or hear that he's dead/hospitalized/captured.

Otherwise, he could just be prepping for someone else to release the next batch of leaks. We're pretty sure there are powers who are trying to cut off his access to the internet.  They may have done so and the automated Dead Man's Switch has begun its task. If that's the case, if Assange is dead or in custody, then the Dead Man's Switch will continue its automated processing and, ultimately reveal to the world what Wikileaks has- thus doing severe harm to ... somebody.”
"Why can't we just drone this guy?"
Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in all seriousness.
“How to Foil NSA Sabotage: Use a Dead Man's Switch”

Want your own personal dead man's switch?
"Dead Man's Switch"

Update 8:52 PM EDT: "Got this from a self-described "low-level Intelligence guy NOT CIA":
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The posting above has lead several to believe that this is a RUSE; that Assange is already dead, but they will blame it on suicide because he was going to be extradited. We must emphasize this is ALL rampant speculation right now, we have ZERO proof, but these sources have shown themselves to be 100% accurate in the past- so much so, that we feel confident with this raw reporting. We are monitoring developments and will keep you informed."

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