Thursday, November 24, 2016

Back to Reality: “Syria Launches Airstrikes On Turkish Troops- Turkish Soldiers Killed”

“Syria Launches Airstrikes On Turkish Troops- Turkish Soldiers Killed”
by Newsroom

“After months of warning Turkey to get its troops out of Syria, all of which were ignored, the Syrian Arab Army has now launched airstrikes which killed three Turkish troops, and injured ten more near the Syrian city of Aleppo. The number of dead and wounded is expected to rise.

As of 4:40 AM eastern US time, Turkish President Recypt Erdogan has ordered a Press blackout of the incident and is said to be consulting with Turkish military Chiefs. An official statement from Turkey is as follows: “It has been evaluated that an air attack carried out by the Syrian government around 3.30am local time on 24 November resulted in the martyrdom of three of our heroic comrades in arms and 10 of our heroic comrades in arms have been injured, one seriously,” - statement from Turkish Military

This incident comes on the 93rd day of "Operation Euphrates Shield" wherein Turkey sent troops and tanks into war-torn Syria without permission from the Syrian government. Turkey has claimed its entry into Syria was necessary in order for Turkey to protect itself from "terrorists."  

Despite being repeatedly told by both the Syrian government and its Russian ally to "remove its troops from Syria, the Turks continued to move forces deeper into Syria. Now, some of those forces have been attacked and killed by the legitimate government of Syria, and the attack took place inside Syria, where Turkey has no lawful authority to be. So what will Turkey do now that their troops, illegally sent into another country, have been attacked and killed? (Most importantly what will Russia now do? Syria would never have done this without prior Russian consent, which implies Russia is confident in it's ability to handle any and all repercussions. Your move, NATO/US/ et al...- CP)

As a side note:
November 24 2015: Turkey shoots down a Russian SU-24.
November 24 2016: 3 Turkish soldiers killed.

UPDATE 8:23 AM EST- Turkish fighter jets bomb Syria's Al-Bab following the killing of three Turkish soldiers, Turkish army has revealed. Diyarbakir air base in Turkey put on "red alert." F-16 jets from Diyarbakir airbase are in the air, and patrolling to the direction of Syria. Turkish planes are  flying over Turkey-Syria border.

UPDATE 9:48 AM EST- Reports of 2nd Airstrike by warplanes upon Turkish Troops, these near Azraq village, west of al-Bab. Several TR soldiers reportedly severely wounded. Deaths unknown at this time.

UPDATE 10:00 AM EST- Turkey will retaliate against an attack in Syria which killed three Turkish soldiers, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters on Thursday in Ankara. “Three soldiers lost their lives in the attack. It is clear that some people are not happy with this battle Turkey has been fighting against Daesh (ISIS). This attack will surely have a retaliation,” he said. The Turkish military said earlier that a suspected Syrian air strike had killed the three soldiers, in what appeared to be the first Turkish casualties at the hands of Syrian government forces since Turkey launched an incursion into Syria three months ago.

This is a developing story with very serious implications. (Like World War III) Check back for updates.”

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