Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Greg Hunter, "Trump Inherits Political and Economic Titanic- Warren Pollock"

"Trump Inherits Political and Economic Titanic- Warren Pollock"
By Greg Hunter’s  

"Analyst and financial expert Warren Pollock says Donald Trump has been dealt a horrendous hand when it comes to the political environment and the economy. Pollock explains, “Trump inherited the Titanic or a nuclear reactor that is about to explode. As he tries to fix this giant mess, he’s bound to upset the apple cart. The economy is fragile. The society is fragile. If he touches anything, something is liable to break somewhere. People want Obama Care removed immediately. They want to see the swamp drained immediately. I think these are things he believes in, and he is certainly a pragmatic manager compared to Hillary Clinton, who would have been an utter disaster for everyone in this country. The problem for Trump, besides the piranhas that are circling him, both the Democrats and Republicans, is that he has inherited the Titanic, which means he can cause us to sink faster simply by touching something. That’s why Obama Care can’t be turned off overnight. That’s why he can’t impose massive tariffs on China overnight. Whatever he does will cause tremendous dislocations. Any corrective action that he takes will have unintended consequences, and he understands that. He’s a pragmatist, and I think he is prepared to deal with this. All the people he has chosen, all have differing opinions, but they are all excellent in one way or another.”

On the absence of real news reporting and real data, Pollock says, “If there is no news available, then they will just make stuff up. That’s the way our economy functions. That’s the way the stock market functions. That’s the way the bond market functions. They were stealing from people for the last eight years with zero interest rates. There is no capital formation. Companies that do IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings), they are not giving you something to invest in, they are giving you their exit strategy. So, everything is fake, and it gets very hard for an executive to make decisions based on fake information.  When some people take over a company, they are turnaround specialists. That’s really what Trump has to be.”

What about the Trump Administration going on the offensive against the Clintons? Pollock contends, “When you have a school of piranhas circling you, it’s hard to attack them because they are all over the place nipping at you. What he has to do is kill the leader of the school. He just has to do that, and there is no doubt in my mind. With the Clintons, he offered an olive branch, and he said look, they are not bad people, go away so I can conduct the business of this nation and of the people. That’s exactly what he said to them. The Clintons just totally ignored that olive branch, and they are going to impede his progress at every turn. Therefore, he has no choice, and he has to kill one of these large players. He needs to make an example of someone large so the nipping goes away. If they won’t shut up and let him do his job, then he has to kill them, and kill them he will because he won’t leave them wounded. If the Clintons are wounded, then there is nothing stopping them from coming back at him. It’s a fight to the death, and the Clintons are driving that fight.”

Pollock also predicts a “9% yield on the 10-year Treasury, and it will happen sooner than you think.” Pollock also contends that the real estate markets in the so-called blue states are “75% overvalued” and will crash in the next recession. That, too, according to Pollock, will happen sooner than you think. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst and Wall Street financial expert Warren Pollock (There is much more in the video interview.)

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