Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Poet: Charles Dickens, “Things That Never Die”

“Things That Never Die” 

"The pure, the bright, the beautiful 
that stirred our hearts in youth, 
The impulses to wordless prayer, 
The streams of love and truth, 
The longing after something lost, 
The spirit's longing cry, 
The striving after better hopes- 
These things can never die. 

The timid hand stretched forth to aid 
A brother in his need; 
A kindly word in grief's dark hour 
That proves a friend indeed; 
The plea for mercy softly breathed, 
When justice threatens high, 
The sorrow of a contrite heart- 
These things shall never die. 

Let nothing pass, for every hand 
Must find some work to do, 
Lose not a chance to waken love-
Be firm and just and true. 
So shall a light that cannot fade 
Beam on thee from on high, 
And angel voices say to thee- 
'These things shall never die.'" 

- Charles Dickens (1812-1870) 

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