Tuesday, January 17, 2017

“Baby, It’s Cold Out There”

“Baby, It’s Cold Out There”
by Martin Armstrong

"Scientists in both Russia and China are warning of an Ice Age. The real scientists in Europe and America are yelling this too, but the press preaches about global warming because the government uses it for taxes. Too much money at stake to say, “Sorry, we got this one wrong!”Temperatures in Russia have plummeted, dropping to even -80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very serious. The winters will keep getting colder and this is not good for economic growth.

We are overdue for the flipping of the poles. The poles reverse on the Sun every 11 years. On Earth, that is about 720,000 years. So there is no recorded history to document what has happened. Perhaps that is the 2032 event since the Minoan Bronze Age was sent into a Dark Age with the eruption of Thera. Geologists can tell you where the poles have been since rock is magnetized to the North Pole when it is formed. When volcanoes erupt, we can tell where the poles have been historically. Yet, there is no human record of what impact it has had. We do know that animals have been frozen with plants still in their mouths. It would appear to be very abrupt (see Maya Report). Most likely, this climate change has attributed to the migration of humans around the globe.

Europe is already experiencing a very cold winter now in 2017. Unfortunately, this is the real trend and not global warming. The reason I am so against the global warming crowd is that they put forth this proposition that man is causing this change and that they can reverse the trend if they tax everyone. My point is that a lot of people will die, as historically has always happened with such events. If you know what is REALLY happening, then perhaps you can take steps to deal with this real change in climate that no tax will prevent. I moved to Florida- so I follow our own model.

Hungarian authorities suspended shipping on the Danube as the river was freezing over and massive ice floats could pose a risk to vessels, the spokesperson of the Hungarian General Directorate of Water Management announced in Budapest on Friday. SOT, bypasser (Hungarian): "My parents told me that there was a cold like this only 30 years ago. I have never seen ice float on the Danube before."

What could be the worst ice storm in 10 years began Friday in the central U.S., as forecasters warned it will unload freezing rain on a 1,000-mile swath from the central Plains to the mid-Atlantic over the weekend.

It has snowed in Tokyo and as far south as Athens. The winter of 2017 is a deep freeze and winter is not over yet. Such weather changes historically have also reduced food supplies. If we stop this global warming nonsense and do real forecasting, then we should be following the advice of Joseph to the Pharaoh. You might want to start keeping a supply of canned goods and freezing meat as we move forward into the years ahead. It might come in handy."

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