Thursday, January 26, 2017

"How It Really Is"

“Denial of the truth envelops our culture like a suffocating fog. People desperately need to understand the consequences of denial of this kind. It is profoundly damaging, and it kills. I have written at length about our national narcissism, and how that narcissism allows us to deny the immense crimes the U.S. government has committed in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. You would think the fact that our government has murdered well in excess of one million innocent people would be front page news every day. Of course, you would be wrong. You might prefer to believe that, since the murder continues as I write this, as it will continue tomorrow and for years to come, there might be one or two decent and humane individuals in Washington who are working ceaselessly to make the slaughter stop. And you might like to think that many Americans would be outraged that our military continues to occupy nations that we have entirely destroyed, and that Americans would demand that the destruction and death cease immediately. About all of that, you are terribly, grievously wrong. Most Americans can't be bothered about any of that. Most Americans simply do not care.”
- Arthur Silber,
Instead, we have this...

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