Saturday, January 7, 2017

“Massive Food Riots, Shoot-Outs Erupt In Mexico"

“Massive Food Riots, Shoot-Outs Erupt In Mexico"
by Newroom

"The country of Mexico appears nearing social collapse. Food Riots are hitting Mexico City because the value of the currency (the Peso) has fallen so dramatically, everything has become too expensive to buy. The solution for locals is simply to STEAL anything they need.
The video above, from Tlahuac, Mexico, on the south side of Mexico City, shows the chaos. Shoppers rampantly looting a Walmart, then numerous gunshots ringing out as things get much uglier."
• "No Food, No Medicine, No Respite: A Starving Boy’s Death in Venezuela"
• "Venezuela Military Trafficking Food As Country Goes Hungry"
• “It’s So Bad In Venezuela They Can Barely Print Newspapers”
I know, I know, I hear you, "Oh, that could never happen here!"
Sooner than you think, morons my fellow Good Citizens...
And then... what?

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