Saturday, January 14, 2017

Predictive Linguistics: "Clif High, WUJO, January 2017"

"Clif High, WUJO, January 2017" 
Web Bot: Antarctica Ready to Give up Secrets the Elite Can’t Hide
by SGT, SGT Report

"Internet data mining expert Clif High uses what he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” to mine the Internet and collects billions of data points to produce forecasts of the future. Obama, Kerry and others recently went to Antarctica- why? Why is it being called "The Discovery"? 

Friends, time for a little woo. As web bot creator Clif High noted in his most recent wujo, below, our planet is undergoing major changes, including what Clif High believes is a pole shift. Clif says that what’s happening in Antarctica is that the ice is sloughing off on one side and growing on the other, “This is how the poles actually shift the glacial mass over time.”

Here’s where it get fun. According to Clif, “As the ice sloughs off of that part of Antarctica, it’s going to reveal all kinds of stuff that the powers that be would rather remain hidden. And they’re just going to have to deal with it. It just will be too large and too massive for any attempts to hide it. And so the point now is going to be to manage it.” And here’s where it gets really fun. How do you “manage it” when ancient civilizations, massive pyramids or crashed UFO’s are exposed? As Joseph P. Farrell wrote recently, it seems the entire world’s power structure has become suddenly and extremely interested in Antarctica: "Antarctica, John Kerry, Pyramids, And Conspiracy Theories."

And although we don’t know exactly what the obsession with the frozen tundra down below is all about, many internet sleuths are coming up with some intriguing theories: Flash frozen advanced civilizations, inner earth entrances, and hidden UFO bases to name but a few. I don’t know what’s going on in Antarctica, but  it’s becoming increasingly clear that we are living in the most interesting time in human history."
Google Earth Coordinates of Interest:
Disc coords: 74°38'18.53" S 164°31'48.53" E

Caves: 66°33'12.33"S, 99°50'20.37"E
 66°36'12.69"S, 99°43'12.44"E

And just why did Secretary of State John Kerry go there on November 12, 2016?

Questions, questions, food for thought... 

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  1. Anything is possible. To think that we are the only advanced civilization to arise on the planet in the last million years is perhaps a bit arrogant. Could a civilization from another system figured out how to warp space-time and travel across the stars. Perhaps. But as to Kerry traveling there. My bet would be that he's long wanted to go there if for no other reason just for the bragging rights and this was his last opportunity to do so on the public's find. Occam's razor.