Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Schools Offer ‘Safe Spaces’ to Combat ‘Toxic Masculinity’"

"Schools Offer ‘Safe Spaces’ to Combat ‘Toxic Masculinity’"
by Anthony Gockowski

“Several universities are taking advantage of the new year to renew their efforts against “toxic masculinity,” with some schools hosting events that will “construct new futures for masculinities.” At Oregon State University, for instance, students are invited to attend a “healthy masculinities conference” where they will “engage in collective imagining to construct new futures for masculinities, unrestricted by power, privilege, and oppression.”

An advertisement for the conference lists several other intended “learning outcomes,” such as examining “the histories and legacies of Eurocentric masculinities and [understanding] how they influenced and continue to shape modern global masculinities.” “Join us in a collective examination of the histories and legacies that shape present day masculinities. Through a day of presentations, panels, workshops, and artistic expression, learn how to engage systems of power,” the advertisement states, noting that students will be allowed to attend free of charge.

Similarly, Ithaca College will host a workshop on “masculinity and violence” during its MLK Week celebrations, where students will “examine hegemonic masculinity and its role as the wheel that rotates a cycle of violence” while empowering “willing individuals to begin to recognize, acknowledge, own, and disrupt the toxicity of manhood in order to end violence.”

Duke University’s “Men’s Project,” meanwhile, is looking for applicants for a “nine-week long discussion group” that will also “examine the ways we present- or don’t present- our masculinities, so we can better understand how masculinity exists on our campus- often in toxic ways- and begin the work of unlearning violence.”

“Men will often resort to violence to resolve conflict because anger is the only emotion that they have been socialized to express,” a description for the school’s “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity” initiatives states. “BWell is investing in creating safe spaces for men to unpack all of the things they have learned about masculinity and what it means to be a man. The goal is to help those socialized as men to unlearn some of the notions that have led to such profound harm being enacted towards others and towards themselves.”

UMass, Amherst, likewise, has a “Men and Masculinities Center” for students to “interrogate and deconstruct traditional forms of masculinity,” even offering a support group for male students “who violated certain aspects of community standards” that “consists of a series of structured activities and conversations designed to get participants to reflect upon their behavior and the ways in which adherence to masculine norms influenced their choices.”

Campus Reform reached out to each of the other schools mentioned in this story for comment, and will update this story if and when any responses are received.

UPDATE: Oregon State University informed Campus Reform that this will be the fifth year of its conference, which is "organized and run by students, and funded by student fees." Duke University, on the other hand, told Campus Reform that its Men's Project exists "under the advisement and funding of the Duke Women's Center."
Well, well... So THIS is what they have been reduced to. Emasculated little girlie-boys, with such tender, sensitive, delicate feelings... Poor babies! My heart just breaks in anguished, compassionate sympathy I tell you! But no need for this garbage, either: "unpack all of the things they have learned about masculinity and what it means to be a man." They obviously never learned anything about being a man. Excuse me while I go vomit in disgust...
- CP
Oh, I'm SO sorry! Was that insensitive? I'm a bad man...

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