Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Economy: “Mad As Hell”

“Mad As Hell”
by Chris Martenson

“Fair warning, my family just received a 61.5% increase in our healthcare insurance premium of 2017, on top of last year’s 24.8% increase, so I am quite annoyed at the moment. For my non-US readers, perhaps what follows will interest you as a means of understanding how and why Donald Trump came to be elected President. I am going to be channeling some of my inner crank today.

If you want to understand why Trump won the recent US presidential election, you can't overlook the economic data. If you do, his victory may look mighty confusing, alarming even. But once you understand the degree to which the average US family and the entire Gen-X and Millennial generations are being completely hosed economically, everything starts to take shape.”

The rest of this lengthy and highly informative article can be viewed at the link below.
 I encourage you to do so.

Peter Finch as "Howard Beale", "Network", 1976

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