Monday, February 27, 2017

"Dangerous Radiation Surge on Long Island, NY"

"Dangerous Radiation Surge on Long Island, NY"
by Newsroom

"According to Mike Albert, his Geiger Counter began registering a tremendous and dangerous radiation surge on Long Island, NY. At about 2:00 PM Sunday, the Geiger Counter detected 4158 Counts-Per-Minute (CPM)- eight times higher than the "Dangerous" level! In videos posted to Youtube, Albert shows viewers how fast the readings skyrocket once he walks outside of a Library.  We do not yet know the town on Long Island where this took place, but we are endeavoring to determine that.

Albert's 3 minute video appears below, however he reports that his videos are being systematically taken-down from Youtube shortly after they're uploaded.  
At that level, radiation is dangerous. According to Nuke Professional, radiation levels exceeding 500 CPM are dangerous, with short periods before serious health consequences. The Nuke Professional Chart appears below:
Click image for larger size.
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a vast nationwide system to monitor radiation levels. They call it "RADNet." One of the EPA RADNet Sensors is located in Yaphank, Long Island, NY. The data is available publicly through the EPA RADNet web site. But for some strange reason, the Yaphank Radiation Sensor on Long Island is having "technical difficulties" and is not showing any readings beyond February 24. It's almost as though someone pulled its plug! Here is the announcement that the Yaphank Radiation Sensor is not working:

Here is the last available readout from that Sensor:
Click image for larger size.
As you can see in the Yellow Highlighted region, there is simply NO READING beyond about February 25.  Right about the time when this sudden radiation surge would have registered! People living out on Long Island are encouraged to use their own Geiger Counters outside to determine if radiation levels are normal or not.  You can report (confidentially) to SuperStation95 by emailing our News Room at: Newsroom@SuperStation95.comWe will update this story as more information becomes available. Please check back."
Fukushima Update: "Your Radiation This Week, February 25, 2017"

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