Sunday, February 5, 2017

Greg Hunter, "Predictive Linguistics, Clif High, 2017 A Deeply Disturbing Year"

"Predictive Linguistics: 2017 A Deeply Disturbing Year"
By Greg Hunter’s

"Internet data mining expert Clif High predicts 2017 will be a “deeply disturbing year.” High explains, “2017 will be a deeply disturbing year because the faction that won in placing Trump in power also defeated the other faction, which has been on a roll ever since the McCarthy era. There has been push for centralization and a push for the control mechanism basically from Nazi infiltration into the United States at the end of WWII. Tens of thousands came in and infiltrated the infrastructure of the United States. So, we saw a push with the centralization of government, and if the Clinton faction had won, we would have seen a Hitler type of nexus where banking, political and military power would have been centrally joined. That faction has been defeated, and 70 plus years of directing the global narrative is gone. It’s crashed. We are in a narrative vacuum at the moment. I think that everyone in the United States, at a core level, will be faced with an examination of what we think is true. The faction that has won is not opposed to the general population learning the truth in terms of recent history and distant history. The Hillary Clinton group represented global warming, carbon credits, and the Trump group represents the part of the deep state that knows we have to get ready to deal with a new ice age.  So, there are all sorts of levels that are going to be broken up that we thought were true.”

Clif High’s most recent research, which he calls “predictive linguistics,” points to a dollar crash and a bond market crash this year. High contends, “The data sets have this period from March to May being politically and economically chaotic in terms of the language. We have had stuff about bonds for months, about how the bonds are just going to be vomited out of institutions for poor performance and for basically a drag on them. They are going to want to get rid of the bonds. We have seen for years it would be coming out of Europe before it hits the U.S. It’s all going to spring from the Italian banks.”

So, what happened to the U.S. dollar with a crashing bond market? High says, “The situation looks so dire to the central banks that their response will be rolled out in June. It will be a response building up for three or four months and political pressure put on them, and that’s why we get the hyperinflation. It’s because the central bank will be caught between a rock and a hard place. They will swamp the bond vigilantes and produce a huge amount of quantitative easing. That’s the approach our data suggests they take, and that will set us up for problems this fall.”

An even bigger worry is the stock market and who exactly owns your stocks. High says, “The markets are going to present a very giant problem that I do not know if we will have the political will to tackle this year. At some point, the faction that won will address the fraud within the markets themselves. Every day we trade nine times the amount of stock that exists on the planet. We have super infinitely hypothecated all of this, and no one knows who owns anything.” Because of this coming chaos in the markets, High says, “Bitcoin, gold and, above all, silver are going way up in value.”

There will also be a big revelation that will be revealed about Antarctica in terms of history, civilization, raw materials and ancient technology that has been kept secret by the powers that have just been defeated." (There is much, much more in the video interview.)"

"Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of"

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