Monday, March 6, 2017

A Musical Comment: Jethro Tull, "Locomotive Breath"

A Comment: Does it seem like the whole world has gone literally crazy? You look around, everywhere you look, and can only shake your head in dreadful astonishment. Fukushima, the mother of all horrors and nightmares, and all too true. 

The economy, gone to total hell in a hand-basket, 24% true unemployment, massive poverty and homelessness, store chains closing everywhere, and nobody cares. The Wall Street banksters steal trillions, and we the People bail them out for their crimes, while the doomsday debt monster of $1.5 QUADRILLION in derivatives hangs over the entire world economy, like an avalanche waiting one final snowflake to bring it all down into total ruin; the $20 trillion "national debt" (really $224 trillion in unfunded liabilities) ceiling expires on March 15, with no hope at present of any political solution by the cheap money-whores in the Congress and Senate, after which the government will slowly then rapidly grind to a halt, and that will include social programs, Medicare, Social Security checks and EBT "food stamps"- what happens then? Riots? Revolution? 

"Wars", started by us to bring "freedom and democracy", costing us trillions we don't have, and literally millions of lives, and the precious lives of our own troops, and we meekly, obediently, allow it all to happen without protest, pretending all that blood is on someone else's hand, not ours... but it is. 

The American police state is a reality, a heavily militarized army-in-place, neatly bypassing the Posse Comitatus law prohibiting a standing army here, and God help you if you resist- forget that fairy tale of "civil liberties" and "rights"- they can and will kill you, and get away with it, too, or put you among the 2.4 million other inmates of for-profit prisons here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Forget too any notion of "privacy", you have none, nothing at all, under the never-ending surveillance of the NSA, FBI and many other "intelligence" agencies, all "illegal", but the old adage is true- whoever has the gold makes the rules, and you and I, my friend, do not have the gold. The list goes on and on, one absurdity and outrage after another. Thinking about all that suggested this song, and we're all on the train together...
- CP
Jethro Tull, “Locomotive Breath”
Heaven help us... because sure as hell there's no help here.

OK, OK, taking my medication...


  1. Your meds ... can I have some too?

  2. Sure, Let'sPlay! The more the merrier, right? Great to "see" you, and thanks for commenting!